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June 13, 2013

Justin Rose


Q.  (No Microphone.)
JUSTIN ROSE:  It's a bad start to be honest with you.  I guess I was looking at going 5‑over par on the fifth hole.  And to finish on the 10th 1‑over, I really pulled that round back.
And you can't win a U.S. Open on a Thursday, but you can certainly lose one.  And even when I was 4‑over and struggling to make bogey at 5, I kind of just needed to stay patient.
This is the kind of golf course that especially teeing off on 11, you never quite know where you're going to make your birdies and where you're going to make your bogeys.  There's plenty of bogey holes out there, and I felt like that I played the last five holes, 14 through 18, today poorly and they are the tough holes and I made a few bogeys there.
But I did the reserves, I played the easy holes really well.  So the round balanced out in the end.

Q.  The course is extremely receptive now.  Many people expected the scoring to be better.  Why is that?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I think just the rough.  The pin placements weren't extreme.  I don't think that they tucked them beyond sort of what I thought was fair.  Must just be the rough, because I looked at the leaderboard today and I said to Snedeker, the course is holding up really well.  And I guess it still has.

Q.  An entertaining finish on your last hole there.  You hit the flat stick and it rolled backwards and you ended up with a birdie?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, absolutely, I pulled that round back.  The 10th hole was playing easy today.  I hit such a poor tee shot that I had almost given up on the birdie but made the birdie tough and got a slice of luck at the end there.  It was one of those days like where I felt like nothing went my way and I was hanging in there.  And to get a break like that at the end makes lunch taste much nicer now.  But to shoot 71, I feel that's right in the tournament.

Q.  That's right, because a lot of people were talking about this golf course being soft this week and you guys being able to shoot the lights out, but looking at the leaderboard, that hasn't happened?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Absolutely.  Some pins, like the 8th hole for example, it was on the front.
No. 13, par‑3, is on the front.  The pin being there, that's easier.
The first hole, the pin being on the front there, being soft makes it harder because you can spin it off.  It's always a bit of a balance.  And I felt like the course was playing long enough where you had to hit some quality long irons.  And the wind was slightly different to what I've been used to.
Obviously the 18 is into the wind.
16 was into the wind.  I felt like after the restart today, 16 was a driver and I've been hitting 3‑iron all week there.  When you step up and have to hit driver, it's tougher.  So the course changed today.
I didn't entertain going for the 10th hole all week, but given the pin position I thought that was the appropriate shot today.  So it was having to adjust my game plan a lot today.

Q.  How difficult was the disruption?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I thought that actually it was not as difficult as I thought it was going to be.  I thought we would be in there longer.  Obviously the clouds broke up and it was really nice to get the round finished.  You don't mind having one restart in your round; you get used to that.  It's when it's two or three times trying to finish up a round, that's when you can get frustrated.

Q.  How pleased were you with your playing here today, because at the start of the week, you were talking about how many Majors you've now played in and kind of learning the lessons along the way.  And everyone says that the U.S. Open is particularly all about patience.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, I've got very clear goals this week.  They revolve around four thoughts and anything else other than that is going to not help me play well.  So I stayed in those, that framework all around and stayed patient and got my reward at the end.  There's a long, hard week ahead, but not the greatest start.  But certainly it's a B plus.

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