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June 13, 2013

Rickie Fowler


Q.  This golf course is the shortest in almost a decade and there's no wind, it was soft, and there are no low scores.  Why?
RICKIE FOWLER:  There's some nasty rough out there.  It is short on the card, and it was playing soft today, which makes it play longer.  I actually think this course plays more like a 7400 or 7500 yard golf course just because of you have the stretch from 7 through 13, besides the fact that No. 9 being a long par‑3.
Other than that, some very short holes.  Which if you made those regular length, it's going to add up the scorecard closer to 7400 or 7500 yards.
So other than those, the first few and then your closing stretch, it's all you want.

Q.  Can you talk about your round today, please?
RICKIE FOWLER:  Yeah, I made a few mistakes out there.  I actually made some good putts coming in, so a little up‑and‑down.  Hopefully be able to get rid of a few of the mistakes I made.  I missed a couple greens where I shouldn't have, missed a couple short putts.
But other than that salvaged a pretty good round out there today.  And Thursday, you can't exactly win it, but you can definitely take yourself out of it.  I feel like I'm in a good position, swinging well.  It's nice to finally see a few putts go in.  So I'm excited for the next round whenever we get to play.

Q.  Jason said he thought that that 9‑under that Phil put up, he's hardpressed to think anybody could go any lower than that.  Would you agree with that assessment?
RICKIE FOWLER:  It's going to be hard to do that unless you hit every fairway.  If you drive the ball well out here, you can attack it right now with the greens being receptive.
But you're not able to play out of the rough.  You're not able to get much more than maybe 7‑iron out of the first cut off the fairway, and then once you get out a little deeper, then you've got wedge in your hand.

Q.  How much were you using driver?
RICKIE FOWLER:  Didn't count, but a handful of times.  Used it on 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and then I think other than that I hit it on 18.  So not a whole lot.
That's what's fun about this course.  You get to hit a lot of different clubs off the tee.  Anywhere from ‑‑ probably the shortest club I hit today other than par‑3s would have been 5‑iron up to obviously driver.  But pretty much all through the bag on long irons and woods.

Q.  That was a little bit of a roller coaster on the second nine.  On 6 or, no, 5, double; and then you come back at 6 with a birdie; and then you go to 7, and you miss a short one there.
RICKIE FOWLER:  Yeah, I missed a short one both on 5 and 7.  Which on 5, after I missed the fairway, I'm basically playing for 5.  I hit a really good third shot in there.  It got hurt a little bit more than I was expecting.  I was trying to fly it past the hole and it flew it about three short of it.  Hit a good putt, hit a good putt for five and that broke a little bit more than I was expecting.
And then, yeah, 7, I ended up hitting it a little past the hole.  Got a little too aggressive.  Felt like it popped off the face, and then I had a nice little 3‑putt.  But rebounded well, made a couple birdies coming in.  I like where the game's at and feel good about today.

Q.  Do you recognize that plug on 7 right away so that you got to the ball?
RICKIE FOWLER:  It wasn't plugged, casual water.  I was right in the drainage area.

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