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June 12, 2013

Chris Bosh


CHRIS BOSH:テつ It's really embarrassing to be a part of that.テつ We have to redeem ourselves.テつ We're looking at a very intense situation.テつ We have to respond accordingly.

Q.テつ Everybody is talking about LeBron James.テつ What's wrong with LeBron?テつ What seems to be the problem?
CHRIS BOSH:テつ His shooting, I mean‑‑ I think last night‑‑ we've always really prided ourselves on being a defensive‑first team.テつ And when you're playing against a set defense every single time, your numbers are going to drop.テつ We have to get stops.テつ And all those things go together.
So in order for everybody to play well, not only LeBron, we have to play better defense team‑wise.テつ And we have to look for opportunities to get easy shots.
We can't do that if we're constantly taking the ball out the net.テつ So some shots you're going to miss, some you're going to make.テつ But it starts with the defensive end, and really getting that kind of intense pressure and kind of really propelling yourself for the rest of the game.

Q.テつ (Indiscernible).
CHRIS BOSH:テつ I mean, no.テつ We got things that we wanted.テつ It's not offense.テつ I'm going to keep pretty much saying that.テつ It's not the offensive end that's really hurting us.テつ It's everything that's happening on our defense right now.

Q.テつ (Indiscernible).
CHRIS BOSH:テつ I mean, there's people that don't understand what we're going through.テつ It's no excuse, but it's things that we have to fight.テつ It's things Miami has to fight.テつ Each and every person is different.テつ But if you're just sitting around watching, how did that happen?テつ We don't accept our actions as good actions last night, but we deserve what we got, just like Coach said last night.テつ It was a blowout.

Q.テつ Many people looked at you guys, the Big Three, quote, unquote, for leadership.テつ How do you guys respond in this situation to lead the way?
CHRIS BOSH:テつ Just move on.テつ We need to take responsibility for what happened, first and foremost.テつ And we need to set the tone tomorrow.テつ Plain and simple.

Q.テつ Birdman, can you talk about what he means to the team?
CHRIS BOSH:テつ Bird, of course, he's a big part of this team.テつ He brings a lot of energy.テつ His finishing around the rim is spectacular.テつ Just the way he's fit right in since he's been here.テつ It's been great.

Q.テつ Chris, Tony Parker is a question mark at this point.テつ How does that affect the Game 4 game plan?
CHRIS BOSH:テつ Doesn't affect it at all.テつ You can't really rely on question marks.テつ He might play, he might not.テつ That really doesn't matter.テつ We know that we have to do what we do a whole lot better, no matter who is out there on the court, if we want to win.

Q.テつ How do you avoid overreacting to a blowout?
CHRIS BOSH:テつ I don't know.テつ That's a real good question.テつ Maybe after this series I'll be able to answer that.テつ But for now I think we're all just trying to figure things out.

Q.テつ Keys to keeping them off the offensive glass?
CHRIS BOSH:テつ Go get the damn ball.テつ That's about it.

Q.テつ What's the key (Indiscernible).
CHRIS BOSH:テつ Just being aggressive.テつ Our initial mistakes caused us to chase them.テつ It's like guarding us, if you make one mistake, the minute that first domino falls, the rest come.
They move the ball very well.テつ We didn't do a very good job of getting into them.テつ I think they were working at a very high comfort level for a majority of the game.テつ But really all of the game, to be honest.テつ The score showed it.

Q.テつ The threes with respect to Green?
CHRIS BOSH:テつ They're open.テつ They're got shooters and they're open.テつ That's our fault for letting them be open.テつ You can't be surprised.テつ They've got the green light.テつ They're shooting it with confidence and not thinking too much about it at all.テつ They're letting it go.テつ We just have to do a better job of first of all keeping guys off the paint, minimizing the penetration, but really getting to those guys and really making it hard on them to get open shots.テつ They're too good a shooters to leave open.

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