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June 12, 2013

Dwyane Wade


Q.  Dwyane, why do you think everybody is blaming LeBron for last night's loss?  Even if it is a game played by all you guys.  Why do you think everybody is blaming LeBron?
DWYANE WADE:  We can't concern ourselves with that.  In the books Miami Heat lost the ballgame.  We win together, we lose together as a team.  We all played bad and the Spurs played great.
So everyone has an opinion, and everybody uses their opinion.  But we can't control what we can't control.

Q.  Did you have a chance to talk to him last night?  And maybe something you want to share with us that makes you feel he's going to have a better game tomorrow?
DWYANE WADE:  No, I can't share nothing with you.

Q.  Dwyane, what was the mood, I guess, in the film session when you had to rewatch it all from last night?  Was it about as bad a mood in there as you can remember?
DWYANE WADE:  Yeah.  I mean, as players I think we figured it out in the game.  We're playing terrible.  So the film session just brings it to light a little more.  It's not really much we can learn from that, from the standpoint of schemes, we just have to do what we do a lot better versus the team.
So film session gives you an opportunity to‑‑ in front of your teammates, in front of your coaches, to really own it up.¬† Own up to it, and move on.¬† After you do it, you move on and know you have to play better.

Q.  A team that won 66 games, 27 in a row, you probably didn't play terrible a whole lot this year, frankly.  How bizarre is it to you that you're using that word now when you're halfway through a Finals?
DWYANE WADE:  I mean, in our three years we have had a few of these moments.  And, you know, obviously you don't want it to be a game in The Finals, but it happened.  We just have to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Q.¬† Dwyane, when you and LeBron and Chris came together, everyone said, okay, that's three guys, 20‑something points a night.¬† That's like 75 points with three guys, maybe.¬† And now when you guys are in the teens, it's 50 points, maybe.¬† Where are the points going to come from for you guys to win games, the way you were limited from what we expected from you?
DWYANE WADE:  We're getting good opportunities.  We have to try to do our best to make more of our opportunities.  We're getting good shots.  We're getting some shots that we want.  You know, it's everybody.  Obviously it starts with us three.  We have to do a better job of being that quote, unquote, Big Three and leading our team.
Mike Miller played great for us, but there wasn't a lot of bright spots.  But if us three don't lead the charge, we're not going to be NBA champions.  Our teammates count on us, so we have to step up.

Q.¬† Dwyane, as much schematics and system‑wise it just seemed like there were points last night where it was effort plays that made the difference.¬† It seems from the outside unfathomable we can be in the second week of June and there's still effort issues.¬† When you watch the tape, is that a disappointment that guys weren't playing their hardest?¬† And maybe even yourself, did you look back, getting back on defense certain plays, where you sort of wonder how it couldn't have been there?
DWYANE WADE:  It's disappointing we didn't play the game defensively the way that we can.  We're not pointing fingers at each other.  We're not pointing fingers at anyone.  It was collective as a group.  We all had our hand and our part in that.  So like I said, and I'll continue to say it, I'm sure you'll hear it, we just got to play better.  We have to own up to it.  If we bring that same effort and focus the next game, it will be the same outcome.
So we just got to do it a lot better, a lot harder, and even smarter.

Q.  Dwyane, there's been a lot of conversation about how they're playing LeBron.  How are they playing you?  And is anything changing between the first half and the second half?  What kind of coverages are you seeing?
DWYANE WADE:¬† Nothing is changing.¬† They are playing pretty‑‑ they are staying to their game.¬† They just go ‑‑ obviously on my pick‑and‑rolls they go under.¬† And that's pretty much it.¬† Limiting my opportunities.¬† I shoot some, some I don't.¬† Some I get in the paint, and try to make plays.
Second half we all need to be better.  Obviously the two games that we lost, second half we wasn't as aggressive, wasn't as good.  So we just have to try to be it next game.
I got some shots in the second half that I liked.  I just missed them.  I think out of my 15 shots, 14 of them I would love to take every time.  I thought one of them I rushed.  But the rest was good shots.

Q.¬† I know some teams go under on those pick‑and‑rolls and others don't.¬† Are the majority of teams going under on pick‑and‑rolls for you guys or are the Spurs playing that a little differently?
DWYANE WADE:¬† A little differently.¬† I dealt with people going under pick‑and‑rolls all the time.¬† That's nothing new for me.¬† I think they don't go under as much on LeBron.¬† A lot of guys go over, et cetera. ¬†This.
Is their scheme.  It's not about the offensive end.  We're getting shots.  We're going to get shots.  It's not aboutthat at all.  It's about the little things against this team that they make you pay for.  We just got to be focused in on that.

Q.¬† Dwyane, what's the adjustment to disrupting their ball movement where they're getting‑‑ where the ball is going strong to weak back to strong and they're winding up with that open three?
DWYANE WADE:¬† We've just got to do a better job defending the ball, defending pick‑and‑rolls, be more committed to the game plan.¬† And obviously this team they have the guys that's willing to get off the ball to make passes.¬† They've got great shooters.
So it's not easy.  It's not going to be easy.  So we just got to be willing to understand that and know it's going to be hard.  It's going to be moments where they are going to get those shots, and it's going to be contested and it's going to go down.  We have to do a better job of just being more committed with the ball and getting to shooters and staying in the play when the shooters break us down.

Q.  How is their stretching their defense leading to maybe Leonard getting on the glass for those offensive rebounds?
DWYANE WADE:  I don't know, man.  They're just doing it.  They're doing everything.  They're doing what they need to do to try to win a championship.  And we have to figure out a way to match it from this standpoint.  They have five guys on the court.  We have five guys on the court.  So no matter what, we have to find a way to match their energy.
They've got guys crashing the offensive glass, we have to box out, we have to jump, we got to get them.  We just got to do more.

Q.  Dwyane, obviously it's easier said than done and you have to get stops to do it, but how important is it to get in transition so you don't have to go against that set defense every single time down the court?
DWYANE WADE:  Well, that's what we pride ourselves on all year, is getting those stops so we can get out a little bit in transition, open floor.  Obviously we have to get stops where we got to rebound the ball.  When we're getting stops, they're getting offensive rebounds.  That can't happen.  It starts there.  If we get out in transition, that's what we like to do.  So that will be something that we'll try to focus on next game.

Q.¬† As a follow‑up, you've been in games before where LeBron has either struggled or tried to facilitate.¬† How much is it on you to sort of get to your game a lot quicker and maybe take that lead as opposed to attack?
DWYANE WADE:  Well, I mean, I just go with the game plan, go with the flow.  I have the ball.  So some opportunities I'm going to be aggressive.  Some opportunities I'm making plays for my teammates, try to get them shots, try to be their playmaker at times.
We're not worried about LeBron.¬† He's going to find his way.¬† He's going to get in a groove.¬† As teammates you try to figure out a way to get him an easy basket in a breakout, try to get it back to him, get a lay‑up, so he can see the ball go in.¬† As a scorer you need to see it go in.¬† Besides that we're not concerned about him at all.

Q.  Dwyane, how much has fatigue played into the series so far?  Earlier Danny Green mentioned maybe you guys are just tired in the second halves of games after they had the break and you guys played seven games against Indiana.
DWYANE WADE:  They are just playing better than us in the second half.  We have enough.  We're a deep team.  Coach is very willing to bring guys in.  It's not about that.  They're just playing way better than we have in the second half.

Q.¬† Is there a correlation between your knee as it goes on through games and your second‑half production?
DWYANE WADE:  If it is, I won't tell you yes.  So that's a pointless question.

Q.¬† Dwyane, you haven't lost back‑to‑back games since January 8th and 10th.¬† Do you think that's a two‑edged sword that obviously you guys respond well, but on the other hand to get that in your mind and think you're going to come back and get into that mindset?
DWYANE WADE:  No, I don't.  Obviously, it's great that we are able to come back from there.  We just got our butt kicked in this game.  We have to figure out a way to come back next game and try to play better, try to get a win.

Q.  Dwyane, did you notice Tony laboring during the game?  And what effect could that have if he's not able to go?
DWYANE WADE:  I didn't notice it at all.  It's nothing that we can concern ourselves with.  We just got to focus on getting prepared for the San Antonio Spurs.

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