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June 9, 2013

Tim Duncan


San Antonio Spurs - 84
Miami Heat - 103

Q.  Tim, Pop has often said how a team responds to a win is even more important than how it responds to a loss.  Were you disappointed in how your team responded tonight to the Game 1 win?
TIM DUNCAN:  You know what, credit to Miami, honestly.  First start there.  They outplayed us.  They ended quarters better than us.  We turned the ball over more than we should have.  Credit to them, first of all.
We didn't play well.  We didn't shoot well.  I know I played awfully.  Whatever it may be, they responded better than us.  So hopefully we can look forward to this Game 3 and regain some of our composure.

Q.  Tim, if you guys lost the game tonight, how do you feel comfortable about going for three games at home?  Do you feel you guys have kind of the momentum of the series?
TIM DUNCAN:  Not after tonight.  I think they regained that.  Obviously we were glad to win a game here in Game 1.  Our goal was to get two.  But they got the one tonight.  We get to go back home.  We got a game here.  We have three at home, so we're excited about that.  But if we play like we did tonight, that's not going to matter.
It's about getting refocused here, playing a much better game, ending quarters better, and hopefully shooting better.

Q.  Tim, what did it feel like being a competitor out there during that run and when was the last time you felt like that during a game?
TIM DUNCAN:  I'm not sure what you're asking.

Q.  During Miami's run, what did it feel like out there as things were unraveling and what were they doing?
TIM DUNCAN:  Their pressure was turned up.  They got a couple of turnovers and made some shots, bottom line.  What did it feel like?  It felt like any other game.  You get into a situation, and things are getting away from you.  You try to continue to play, play hard.  The ball doesn't bounce your way, shots don't go in, whatever it may be.

Q.¬† Tim, I know you guys couldn't possibly have sustained a four‑turnover rate throughout an entire series.¬† What do you think accounted for the jump from four to 17 turnovers tonight?
TIM DUNCAN:  Again, credit to Miami.  Their pressure.  I think they made some adjustments that were key.  Got their hands in a lot of stuff.
But obviously four is what we want to be ideally.  We knew we couldn't stay there.  Keeping live ball turnovers where it turns into transition is really what kind of hurt us.

Q.  Tim, how much of your struggles and the way you played was you and how much was anything they may have done differently from Game 1?
TIM DUNCAN:  Good question.  I look at my shots and they the are shots I want.  Obviously, they're contested shots, but they're the shots I feel I can make.  So whether it be them or me or whatever it may be, I'm going to get back in the gym tomorrow and hopefully come out with a better stroke.  But I'm getting the shots I want.  I just have to knock them down.

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