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June 9, 2013

Gregg Popovich


San Antonio Spurs -  84
Miami Heat - 103


Q. ¬†Pop, Tim, Tony and Manu were 10‑for‑33.¬† Was that simply a matter of missing shots or‑‑ how do you account for that?
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:¬† Probably.¬† Defense has something to do with it.¬† Just missing shots has something to do with it.¬† No matter how you slice it, it's 10‑for‑33.¬† Missing shots and not shooting well and turning it over is a bad combination.

Q.  Would you say turnovers were a bigger problem tonight than shooting?
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  I don't know which one was bigger.  They were both a problem.

Q.¬† Coach, how would you describe, explain that run that Miami went on 35‑9?
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  They did a great job.

Q.  How would you describe it from your end?
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  They did a great job.  That's what I thought.  I thought they did a great job.  That's from my end, from what I saw.

Q.  What were your guys not doing that allowed them to do that?
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  You need to shoot well and you need to take care of the basketball.  If you turn it over the way we did tonight and you don't shoot well, it's a bad combination.  It will be very tough to win.

Q.  Coach, can you talk about when the Heat get their other guys going, when Miller and Allen are hitting outside, when Chalmers is driving, when Bosh is a little more effective with the jumper, how much more complex does it make them, say, the way the Heat played in Game 1?  And is that the ultimate challenge for this team?  When it's not just LeBron, when it's a variety of players?
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  That's when they're at their best.  That's when every team is at their best.  When the perimeter is making shots, when the bench is playing well, when you have a lot of contributors, that helps you win basketball games.

Q.  Pop, it seemed like your role players had a rhythm early in the first half.  Was there something that happened in the second half that sort of took them or disrupted what they were doing?
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:¬† No, not so much.¬† I think that Tony, Manu and Timmy were the ones that were 10‑for‑33.¬† Not going to put that on the bench.

Q.¬† Pop, through three quarter LeBron had eight points, he was 3‑for‑13, and he started to really get everybody involved throughout the game.¬† But what was your observation about his first three quarters of this game before he really got going and playing‑‑
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  He played solid basketball.  He played good D.  He took what was available, read the defense, involved his teammates.  He did a fine job.

Q.  Gregg, the defense on Tony tonight was much more aggressive.  What did they do specifically?  What did they change up specifically from Game 1?
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  It was more aggressive.

Q.  Do you feel your veteran guys got tired and kind of a game with two days you have to rest?  Was it tired or was it Miami's defense on them?
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  Miami did a hell of a job.  Nobody is tired.  We had two days off; there's no excuse.  There's no tired.  They're no more tired than we are and vice versa.  The season does get long for both teams, but both teams would rather be here than at home.
So it's not about tired.  It's about Miami played their ass off.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you, Coach.

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