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September 4, 1997

Magnus Larsson


Q. Magnus, the other Swede that made the quarterfinals here, Jonas Bjorkman, probably would have played Patrick Rafter's service inside the baseline. You played him back behind the baseline. Could you not have come in closer? Do you trust your feet to do that?

MAGNUS LARSSON: Jonas and I have totally different games, so it's a bit hard to say. I like it better to be back. Also I don't feel comfortable playing, hitting the ball early, when it's kind of windy. He was playing well. I just didn't take my opportunities.

Q. Did that hurt you today, because you had to play back so far?

MAGNUS LARSSON: I mean, it was really gusty out there. It's the same for both players. Really nothing to say about it. He was playing big points better first two sets. Final set, I had no chance at all. Nothing more to do.

Q. Were you surprised by the way he did seem to lift his intensity a bit second and third sets?

MAGNUS LARSSON: I think first set, playing well, especially from 2-All, really played well. But the first two sets were so close. Think we won the same amount of points. Just a few important points in the first set. One breakpoint each in the second set. Hit his ball on the line when he had breakpoint. When I had breakpoint, I just couldn't make the return. Small difference.

Q. Was there a moment out there when you realized, "This isn't my day, isn't happening"?

MAGNUS LARSSON: Well, I mean, when started to play really well in the third, broke my serve, 4-2, then it's getting tough. Before, that the first two sets were really close. A point here, a point there can just make the difference.

Q. Was the wind blowing all one way today, Magnus, or swirling?

MAGNUS LARSSON: It was always had the wind with you at one side, but also a little from the side as well. It was pretty gusty. I'd say the same for both players, we change sides. It's in both favors. Nothing more than that.

Q. Is he playing well enough to win the tournament?

MAGNUS LARSSON: There are four guys left after tonight. All of them can win the tournament. If he come that far to semifinal, you never out of the tournament. Everybody can win.

Q. Is there anything different about the way he serves and volleys, chips and charges? Anything different about him compared to other players?

MAGNUS LARSSON: I played a lot with Edberg over the years. I know what's happening, you know. But he's really athletic, moves well at net. It's hard to pass him. He's picking up his baseline game a little bit better every year. He doesn't miss too much from the baseline. He's improved his game a lot the last few years. He's going to improve even more. He could be a real danger.

Q. What is the main difference between his game and Edberg's game, if you had to compare the two?

MAGNUS LARSSON: Seven Grand Slams (laughter). Maybe six soon. Still big difference. Stefan was hitting the ball cleaner from the baseline, I think. But Rafter is moving really well. He's not over the hill yet.

Q. Difficult to pass out there in the wind today?

MAGNUS LARSSON: Yes. But, I mean, it must be difficult for him to approach the net all the time as well. He was really handling the volley well. Played a lot of good volleys in these conditions, which is tough. So it's all credit to him.

Q. Had you seen him playing against Agassi?

MAGNUS LARSSON: I just sat a little with the TV that night. I didn't watch that much. I've seen him play a lot of times. There were no secrets.

Q. Are you going to play Davis Cup?

MAGNUS LARSSON: Ask the coach.

Q. Are you expecting to play singles or since there is you, Bjorkman and Enqvist, who has more chances to play singles?

MAGNUS LARSSON: I'm going to go there, practice with the team. Also Norman is ranked before me. We have a lot of players ranked better than the Italian players, by the way.

Q. We know it (laughter).

MAGNUS LARSSON: We going to have a lot of thoughts in the next few weeks to see who's playing. For sure, the best two players will. If that's me, Jonas, Thomas, Magnus Norman, we'll see.

Q. Is it important for you to play or you don't care that much?

MAGNUS LARSSON: It's important to play, but most important is to win. We'll see about that. We have a good team spirit. If I don't get to play, I wish the team support. If I get to play, I'll do everything to win.

Q. You look as though you might have been in pain. Are you okay?

MAGNUS LARSSON: I've been in pain the last five, six years (laughter). I'm tall. My body can't take that much. No, I have some back problems. Doesn't harm my game. When I play a lot on hardcourts, especially last year I had to retire here first match with back problems. Didn't harm my game. It hurts a little bit.

Q. Have you watched Jonas enough in the last few months to judge at what level he's playing right now singles?

MAGNUS LARSSON: We live in the same town, played in the same club for ten years. I know what he's capable of. He's really hitting the ball well. I think he's not done here yet.

Q. Have you seen him play this well before at such a concentrated stretch?

MAGNUS LARSSON: No, I have not.

Q. Is it confidence?

MAGNUS LARSSON: Not this many weeks. The whole year, by the way. He's been playing really good. I think he's got some more business to do here before he's finished.

Q. What happened to the first point of the match? Do you think the ball was good?

MAGNUS LARSSON: Yes. I know the ball was good.

Q. Why didn't you give the ball to him?

MAGNUS LARSSON: I had a few bad calls before. On hardcourt, you never know. I would like to see him serve it out.

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