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June 8, 2013

Manu Ginobili

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

Q.  Do you forget about Game 1 and concentrate on Game 2 or how much do you balance it?
MANU GINOBILI:  You forget the emotion of having won Game 1.  You remember what you did.  You try to remember what they do, when they felt comfortable, when they didn't.  So you learn from that game, but the emotion or the satisfaction of having won Game 1, that will be gone, for sure.

Q.  What's your emotion going into Game 2?
MANU GINOBILI:¬† Same as going in Game 1.¬† They lost Game 1 before.¬† They are just good.¬† They can really come back and beat us in San Antonio.¬† So we've got to play our best game tomorrow like if we are 0‑0.

Q.  What do you expect from Game 2?
MANU GINOBILI:  I expect them, of course, to play an even better game, to be more aggressive, try to make us play uncomfortable, force turnovers and push it.  They're going to try to use their athletic abilities to get to the paint, to score, to get the fans involved.  And we have to be calm, we have to move the ball well, and don't let them get us on our heels, basically.

Q.  Manu, the Heat are the best team in the East, obviously.  Is this style of offense that they play, is it any different than the West Coast style, the teams you've seen playing in the West?
MANU GINOBILI:  I think they are more different defensively than offensively.  Of course when you have a player like LeBron and Wade that can run the court like that, it is a little different.
But I think the way in which they are the most different is defensively, how they press for the ball, how they guard pick‑and‑rolls, how they rotate.¬† That's when I see we don't usually face teams like that in the West.

Q.  What makes Tony so dangerous when he rejects the pick?  What is it about that that makes him so dangerous?
MANU GINOBILI:  When a player is that good, it makes him dangerous when he rejects it, when he uses it, when you go under or over, because he's good.  Tony is one of the best point guards in the league.  The same with LeBron in his position, Durant and so many other players.  They read the defense, they try to punish you, and Tony has just become one of the best players in the league.  So it's not easy to guard him.

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