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June 8, 2013

Udonis Haslem

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

UDONIS HASLEM:  After a game we'll make adjustments, so‑‑ made a few adjustments.  Both teams should make a few adjustments, and a competitive game.  Two veteran teams, highly‑skilled teams, highly talented, great coaching, so continue to make adjustments and come out and give even a better effort tomorrow night.

Q.  One of the biggest adjustments you guys have to make is create more turnovers.  What are some of the ways you guys have been advised‑‑
UDONIS HASLEM:  Get our hands up.  Get in those passing lanes.  Play with a little more energy.   Obviously have great play‑makers on both ends of the floor.  If we can deflect a few of those passes, Give our play‑makers an opportunity to get in those passing lanes and get a few steals.  It's always easier to get points on the break instead of facing the half court D.

Q.  After looking at that film from Game 1, what did you guys take away from that discrepancy on the turnovers?  Why were they able to‑‑
UDONIS HASLEM:  We didn't really focus on that.  We focused on the fourth quarter, a couple of possessions that we had.  Turnover‑wise we have to increase our intensity and our effort a little more.  That's really it.  Get our hands up when those guys come off the pick‑and‑rolls.  Get our hands up and try to deflect some of those throwback passes. 

Q.  Tony Parker is known for not being a point guard who turns the ball over.  Is there anything that you saw reviewing film in Game 1 that you can sort of pick up?
UDONIS HASLEM:  No.  The conversation was really not how can we turn them over more.  It wasn't part of our conversation coming into Game 2.  I think with turnovers we just got to increase our effort a little bit.  Be a little more aggressive defensively.  Get our hands up in those passing lanes.  And hopefully we can deflect a few of those passes.

Q.  You had 14 free‑throw attempts.  How do you increase that total?  Do you attack the basket more?  Was that San Antonio's good defense?
UDONIS HASLEM:  I mean, we have to just continue to attack.  Doesn't change the way we play.  If we get the call, we do; if we don't, we don't.  On to the next break.  We have to continue to be aggressive and play our style of basketball offensively.

Q.  Tim Duncan started out 0‑for‑5.  You were defending him at that time.  Did you make the shots tough on him?  Or did he just miss shots?  What do you think about that stretch?
UDONIS HASLEM:  I mean, I just try to do what I can do.  Kind of make him uncomfortable.  He's a great player.  Sometimes he's going to miss shots and sometimes he's going to make them.  For me it's just to make everything as difficult as possible.

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