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June 8, 2013

Darryl Sutter


THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Saw Mike out there taking practice.  Should we read into that?
COACH SUTTER:  Well, it's progress.  I said it last time prior to Game2 that he was playing, then he didn't play.  We nearly had to make more than one change prior to warmup.
I'll just stay away from it.  Follow protocol.  Obviously yesterday kind of disrupting everything because of the travel, nobody's able to do anything.  We really are putting this morning as if it was yesterday.

Q.  It's possible?
COACH SUTTER:  Yeah, it's possible.  I would say it's 50/50.

Q.  Do you have to be symptom‑free for three days?
COACH SUTTER:  Well, first off, protocol is diagnosis, right?  What is a symptom, or is it a concussion, or all those things...
You know what, at least it's something that we talk about, very similar to Jarret and other guys.
I trust those players.  You do what you're told medically, not in any other way.

Q.  Is it safe to say you'd like your play around their net a little bit more aggressive as it was maybe in the previous rounds?
COACH SUTTER:  I think we've done a good job of it.  I think we're playing better defense than we have in previous rounds.  In fact, it's the best defense that I've played in the last six rounds.

Q.  When you made the switch with Jarret and Kopy, you said it was more for Kopy than Jarret.  If you go back the other way, what would be the reason?
COACH SUTTER:  We don't get the change we want here.  You can't change on the fly.  That's a big part of it.  It's really got nothing to do with Kopy.  Kopy has been as good as their best centerman in the series when you look at it.
It's got nothing to do with Kopy.

Q.  (No microphone.)
COACH SUTTER:  It's who Kopy plays with and who they're on the ice against.  Really boils down to those top two lines, their team.  It's a luxury to be able to flip Hossa and Kane.  Basically last years was Toews, Sharp and Kane, and Bickells, the other way with Hossa and Handzus.  You know where your top guys are going to be.  You might get one or two times a game where they're not.  But if you take your checklist, tick it, it's pretty much dead on.
Thank you.

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