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June 8, 2013

Dwyane Wade

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

Q.  Dwyane, who won the shooting contest yesterday?  And what was at stake?
DWYANE WADE:  I won overall.  It was just a friendly game.

Q.  Sure.
DWYANE WADE:  Very friendly.

Q.¬† And the teams, who was on each‑‑
DWYANE WADE:¬† Then we went to teams.¬† Me and LeBron versus ‑‑ the '03 draft class versus Seattle Team, Ray and Rashard.¬† So we went to a little competition.

Q.  Just to follow up on that, who keeps score?

Q.  There always seems to be a bit of discrepancy the way LeBron counts and other people count.
DWYANE WADE:¬† No doubt.¬† Always (laughing).¬† That's the fun in those kind of games.¬† You get into little mini‑arguments and it gets competitive.¬† You're supposed to keep your own score.

Q.  Fourth quarters have been an issue now for going on about eight games.  I know it's the level of competition of the opponent as well.  But this wasn't just a Game 1 of The Finals issue.  How much is that concerning you?  The numbers aren't there collectively in the fourth.
DWYANE WADE:  I mean, I feel, obviously we know we can play better in the fourth.  I think the good thing about having two days in between, you can kind of get to your package.  You work on the things that you need to when you get in that position.
So I feel like we'll be more prepared when we get into the fourth quarter.  It's a fine line between taking shots and taking good shots.  I think we have to find a way to continue to get great shots in the fourth quarter, and not settle as much for the first look.  It might not be the best opportunity, especially now, because it means so much.
We'll see.  But I think we'll be better prepared.

Q.¬† Dwyane, based on your Finals experience in this 2‑3‑2 formats, how much urgent is a victory tomorrow after losing Game 1 at home?
DWYANE WADE:¬† It's very urgent.¬† Obviously you don't want to go down 0‑2 going to San Antonio for three straight games.¬† Odds are not that good.¬† They are not in our favor.
We're not a team that really says too much, this is a must‑win game, but this is a must‑win game.¬† For us we have to win this game at home.¬† We have to come out and play a lot better and we have to also expect San Antonio to play a lot better, shoot a lot better, a little bit from what they did from Game 1.
After the first game when you come and you feel each other out, now you start to get a little understanding of what guys want to do and are going to do.  So it will be a more competitive game, but it will be a tougher game than even the first one.

Q.  What has been the key?  It's been months since you guys have lost two in a row.  What's been the key of following up losses with victories?
DWYANE WADE:  You probably heard all of us say it's just owning up to our mistakes in the game, really going upstairs, with Coach putting the game plan out for us, showing us what we did wrong, showing us some of the things we've done well, and coming back and being a mature team and trying not to make the same mistakes twice.
I don't think we'll make the same mistakes we made in Game 1.  That's what we always try to do, to come out the next game and be a different team.  We always feel like as the series goes on, we get better and stronger as a team.

Q.¬† As one of the contemporaries of a two‑guard position during the period of time you've played, have you taken anything from the way Ginobili has kind of adjusted his game over the years?¬† What's your view of his game?
DWYANE WADE:  No, I mean, I think he's taking less shots, obviously.  Now he's become more of a playmaker.  He's always baseball a great playmaker, but he's becoming more of a guy that they give the ball to him when Tony is not there, to run the point a lot, and he makes a lot of plays.  Get off the ball a lot.  Trying to get guys great looks.
So it's some similarities in our games, besides he can stick it from three a little different than I do.  But from that standpoint there's a lot of similarities.

Q.  Dwyane, you were really strong in Game 7.  You were really strong in the first half of Game 1.  And then not as much down the stretch.  Do you find yourself having to think about conserving at all and using more of what you have later in a game given your current situation?
DWYANE WADE:  No, just got to be a little bit more aggressive.  I don't think I was as aggressive in the second half as I was in the first half last game, especially in the fourth.  Just be more aggressive.  Take the opportunities that I have.  But also go get a few myself.
I felt a lot better, like I said, in Game 7 and Game 1.  I feel better today.  So tomorrow just continue to put the pressure on as much as possible.  The state I'm in, I've been in this state for almost three months now.  I've adjusted to playing with it.  You just got to do what you have to do.
So I try to be different tomorrow, try to be a little more aggressive, a little better especially in the second half, and the fourth quarter.

Q.  Of all the teams you guys have faced since LeBron has been a part of it, how has San Antonio compared in terms of tests in the playoffs?
DWYANE WADE:¬† They're probably the best overall from the standpoint of‑‑ this team knows their game.¬† This team is very consistent in their game on both ends of the floor.¬† They have many different players that can score the basketball, that can do multiple things.¬† So it's a good team.
I felt that when we played Dallas in The Finals, I felt that Dallas was as good as it got at that time, the way they were moving the ball offensively, the way they were scoring, the multiple scorers that they had with Dirk and Terry and Barea and those guys.  So it's that kind of style.  This is as good as it gets in the NBA.  And you have to figure it out.  That's what we're going to have to do.

Q.  Dwyane, much is often made about adjustments that are made between playoff games, between games 1, 2, 3 and 4, whatever.  How receptive is Spo and the staff to things you may see, that LeBron may see in terms of adjusting how you're doing things between games?  And how on point are they with their adjustments, their suggestions as they come through and say, we need to change this coverage, we need to do this differently in the next game?
DWYANE WADE:  Well, I think when you get in the playoffs, especially to this point, you know, no egos in a sense.  We have to trust our coaches and our coaching staff to give us the game plan that they feel is going to work.  And sometimes it's as simple as that, follow the game plan.  Sometimes you might see some things, you might fill some situations in, you bring it up.  They have been very receptive.
These last two days we have had communication.  We've watched film.  We broke down and people had voices.  Coach will put the plan together that he wants us to do.  Once the game starts we have to roll with it.  We have to go with that.  That's what we're going to do.

Q.  Just to clarify, you started off that game yesterday individuals going against each other?
DWYANE WADE:  Yeah.  We were individuals.  I won an individual game.

Q.  Was there a score?

Q.¬† Game 7 and Game 1 and yesterday you looked like you were pretty pain‑free.¬† Is this one of the longest stretches you have had during this where you felt good?
DWYANE WADE:¬† I didn't say pain‑free.¬† I said feel better.
Just in a different mindset.  Sometimes when you're in a slump, when you're in a funk, as we talked about, me and Bron talked about, in Game 7 he just told me, he said, you look different today.  Sometimes it's just the way you look, it's the way you act, it's the way you feel.
Your body is not going to get any better at this point.  At all.  The way you approach things can change.  And I just changed my approach the last couple of days.  I'm starting to enjoy it a little more.  It's changed a little bit, my mindset.

Q.  Dwyane, Erik said you guys practiced today with a clear mind.  Do you completely forget about Game 1 and just move on to Game 2?  Or what does that mean?
DWYANE WADE:  No, you can't forget about Game 1.  We have a clear mind as in, after we watched the film and everything, we got on the court and we worked.  Guys worked today freely.  It wasn't too much thinking.  It wasn't too much of the thought of last game.  But we went out there on the court today to work and understand that we need to get better, listen to our coaches to tell us what we need to do.  And we went out there and did it.
Great day of work today for us.  And I think it's going to help us tomorrow.  We have another day to prepare tomorrow morning.  It's going to help us even more.
So I think that's what it means.

Q.  Dwyane, last year you became the only NBA team to trail in three series and still win the title.  This year you've been down in two series and had to go to a Game 7.  Is it almost like you guys needed adversity and thrive on it to play your best ball?
DWYANE WADE:  I won't say that.  I won't say we need it, but we have our own journey.  We are different from any other team.  To compare us to any other team and to compare the situation we go through is highly unfair.
So we have our own journey.¬† And our journey is whatever road we're taking.¬† Right now we're down 1‑0 in The Finals and we have to figure out a way.

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