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June 7, 2013

Shawn Stefani


Q.テつ I think you're one of the few golfers that wants to keep playing after the shot you hit on 8 and 9.テつ You had it going out there.
SHAWN STEFANI:テつ It was actually good.テつ I started playing well on Monday for the U.S. Open qualifier and just wanted to keep hitting good shots.テつ This week was really a good golf course.テつ I really like the way the course looks and, you know, I'm just trying to focus on one shot at a time and the process right now and just keep going.

Q.テつ Ball striking is good, but you also got up and down, 9 out of 11 this week.
SHAWN STEFANI:テつ It's really been the putting.テつ The chipping has been good.テつ I've hit a few good chips and a few not to so good.テつ I'm comfortable on bermuda.テつ I've actually hit some really good putts and been able to knock some in.

Q.テつ It's been a really bunched leaderboard.テつ You and Harris have a little bit of separation.テつ You've won on the Web.com Tour.テつ What experiences do you look back on going into the weekend for 36 holes?
SHAWN STEFANI:テつ Just go play.テつ You got to go play this weekend and do just one shot at a time and see where it ends up.テつ You can't get too caught up in who is doing what and where.
So, going to use my weekend to go out there and have a good time and actually get prepared for next week.

Q.テつ You're first time winner, you and Harris right here at the leaderboard over 36 holes.テつ Talk about how you feel going into the weekend.
SHAWN STEFANI:テつ I feel great.テつ Monday I was lucky enough to qualify for the U.S. Open and felt great about what I was doing and just going to use this weekend to go have a good time.テつ I don't know where I'll end up after the day.テつ If I get to play with Harris it will be a fun group tomorrow.

Q.テつ You talk about you reach your goal on Monday making the U.S. Open, obviously is a goal for every golfer.テつ Is it just put putting together one of these weeks that you'll remember for a long time?
SHAWN STEFANI:テつ You know you, you -- I've been working hard all year and things really haven't gone the way I wanted them to.テつ I've stayed patient and I know I'm good enough to keep playing well.テつ That's really all I want to do is play well and just learn, you know, take the experience that I've had from this year and last year and keep kind of moving forward.

Q.テつ After day one there were six guys tied for the lead.テつ You and Harris have given yourself a little push.テつ When you look up and realize you could be in that final pairing and you're looking down on just about everybody else, how do you deal with that going into the weekend?
SHAWN STEFANI:テつ You just got to go play.テつ You can't really think about where are you and where everybody else is, you know.テつ Going to go out there and focus on what I'm doing tomorrow and not really focus on what everybody else is doing.

Q.テつ When you close like you did on 8, 9 today, is it one of those things you wish Saturday is here or take a break and take the confidence and momentum and pick it back up tomorrow?
SHAWN STEFANI:テつ You kind of wish you keep playing, you know.テつ Wish could you play 36 holes a day.テつ It's not just the way it works.テつ You know, I've been doing some good things the last few days, so I'm going to keep the same mindset the next couple and just see where it ends up.

Q. テつIn terms of where your game is, talking about Monday, is the course playing to your strengths or is it just, you know, make sure you hit it in the right spots?テつ That's what people are telling us, because you can easily make a big number or a big mistake out here.
SHAWN STEFANI:テつ You can.テつ The golf course really fits my eye well and I like the way the golf looks.テつ I kind of feel comfortable on it.テつ It's not -- it's Friday, it's not Saturday and Sunday, so you got to keep going and just keep playing and see what happens.

Q.テつ Seeing your name up there on the leaderboard knowing you're 36 holes away from winning, can you allow yourself to think about that or is there still so much golf left to play?
SHAWN STEFANI:テつ I'm not thinking about the weekend.テつ I'm thinking about trying to execute each shot the best I can and do my best.テつ That's all I can worry about it.

Q.テつ Do you feel like you accomplished what you need to today?
SHAWN STEFANI:テつ You know, I didn't really have any goals to go out and do anything. テつI wanted to go out there and hit each shot the best I could and see where it ends up.テつ My focus really isn't on results, it's about doing the things that I do well and continue to do those things well.

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