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June 6, 2013

Brittany Lang


THE MODERATOR:  Good afternoon, everyone.  As we all know, first round play has been suspended until tomorrow, so we have Brittany Lang in here in the media room to join us, and talk a little bit about the crazy weather that we've had recently on the LPGA Tour.  First off, I know you were out there on the range trying to get warmed up.  What's it like coming into the week of a major and finding out first round that you guys don't get to get out there on the golf course?
BRITTANY LANG:  Well, it's definitely tough because you're excited to get going, but to be honest with you, I'm fairly tired, being my fourth week in a row.  So it's actually kind of good for me.
I mean I feel fine.  I'm sure I would have played fine, but a day of rest is probably good for me.  I'm sure a lot of girls are definitely ready to get going, but I'm going to go hang out and do some fun things and get ready for tomorrow and just rest.
THE MODERATOR:  When you guys come to the golf course in the morning and you see the rain in the forecast, do you kind of have it in the back of your mind getting yourself ready that maybe you're either in for a very long day or that it's possible that you might not be playing at all?
BRITTANY LANG:  Yeah.  I didn't think that we wouldn't be playing at all.  I looked at the forecast, and I just knew that we were going to get wet and it was going to be a tough day for sure, but I thought for sure we'd be out there.
Obviously the course isn't draining that well, so once we made that first announcement, I knew we were going to sit in the clubhouse for a while.
THE MODERATOR:  So it's noon.  You have the rest of the day spending whatever you want to around Rochester.  What are your plans for this afternoon?
BRITTANY LANG:  Well, Paula text me there's a David's Bridal, so we're going to be trying on wedding dresses and stuff this afternoon.  And then we're going to go to the movies.
THE MODERATOR:  For all of you who don't know, Miss Brittany Lang here got engaged at our event in Dallas last month.
THE MODERATOR:  Pretty exciting news for you.  So it must be fun.  I know you had an engagement party down in the Bahamas and got to celebrate.  So some fun wedding planning going on for you already.
BRITTANY LANG:  It's been great.  The girls have been fun.  Paula and Morgan and all the girls threw a party for us in the Bahamas, and Kevin was there, so it was perfect.  We had so much fun.
Then this week on Monday Paula text me, she goes, "I saw a David's Bridal.  We're going."  So it's good that we have this afternoon to go do that.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Brittany.

Q.  (Inaudible).
BRITTANY LANG:  Yeah.  No.  It's a big deal, and like I said, this is our fourth event on the schedule.  And even though some people it may be their third event they've played and you get tired for sure.
I heard the forecast looks bad tomorrow as well and Monday, which is kind of scary for the event, you know, because you'd like to get in 72 holes, but being a major, you know, we've done it.  We did it at Oakmont, I remember, U.S. Open.  But it's tough; it's a tough course.  You gotta get your rest, get proper sleep and nutrition and everything because it's definitely a test.  So it'll be even tougher now that you're playing more holes in the day.

Q.  Is Paula a bridesmaid?  I mean is that why ‑‑
BRITTANY LANG:  She will be, yeah.

Q.  Anyone else on tour?
BRITTANY LANG:  Yes.  Brittany Lincicome, Katie Futcher and Angela Stanford.

Q.  What did you do all morning in the clubhouse?
BRITTANY LANG:  We sat there and talked about my wedding.  We did a bunch of stuff.  I talked on the phone.  We hung out.  We looked at the radar.  Pretty much just small talk hanging out.

Q.  What's the wedding date?
BRITTANY LANG:  January 11th, we think.  January the 11th or the 18th.  We're shooting for the 11th.

Q.  And where?
BRITTANY LANG:  McKinney, Texas.

Q.  The golf course obviously was difficult before all this today.  Being as wet as it's going to be now for the rest of the week, how much more challenging is that going to be for you guys?
BRITTANY LANG:  Yeah.  This amount of rain with that rough is going to be extremely difficult.  Is that what you're asking?  Yeah.  It's going to play longer, which the course isn't overly long, so that's really not too much of a factor, but that rough is going to get thicker, and being wet, it is so hard to hit out of wet rough like that.  I mean it's nearly impossible.
It's going to make the greens a little bit easier because they're so sloped, it's not going to be as difficult to putt on them, I think, but I think that rough is going to be horrendous after this much rain.

Q.  Just to follow up on the previous topic, you got a lot of attention for the way you got engaged.  What were some of the more interesting items of feedback you got?  What was the reaction like generally?
BRITTANY LANG:  Everybody loved it.  It was good for me because I didn't have to tell any of my friends I was engaged.  Everybody knew, maybe people who didn't want to know.
But it was cool.  Everybody loved it.  They were like, that was a perfect way to do it.  I thought it was perfect.  I loved it.  It was everything I could ever wish for.
But all my girls, they all thought it was very romantic and very cute, and they love Kevin, so they all thought it was great.
THE MODERATOR:  Any more questions for Brittany?  Well, thank you.  Good luck in your dress hunt this afternoon.
BRITTANY LANG:  Thank you.
THE MODERATOR:  Look forward to seeing you actually out on the golf course tomorrow.
BRITTANY LANG:  Hopefully, yeah.  I'll be ready.

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