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June 4, 2013

Joel Quenneville


Los Angeles – 3
Chicago – 1

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  How did you feel your team responded?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  I didn't like our push back.  We're looking for more from the outset.
The last 10 minutes was basically the way we should have started, have that intensity.

Q.  (No microphone.)
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  They made a couple adjustments technically.  I still think the intensity was the differential.

Q.  On the high‑sticking penalty, what was your take on that incident?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Well, you know, we took five penalties tonight, probably four too many.  We have to be smarter in that area.
You get the building rocking with them having momentum, having chances around our net.  But you have to stay out of the box.

Q.  Do you think it was worth four minutes?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Four minutes is a high stick with a cut.

Q.  When you struggle to win the neutral zone, as you did tonight, turning pucks over, does that affect the rest of your game, too?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Well, I think it slows you down.  You want to make sure you get on the forecheck.  Otherwise you're spending the rest of the shift in your end.
Making them turn is what both teams are prioritizing in their game.  They were way more efficient than we were tonight.

Q.  What is taking Patrick Kane out of position?
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  He didn't have the puck much tonight.  I think he's way more dangerous when he has it.  Just think that time and space is always going to be limited on top guys.  You have to find a way to get the puck and find a way to want it.

Q.  (No microphone.)
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  Bicks has been good game in, game out.  You notice him.  He's at the net.  You see some bodies moving around.  Seems like he has the puck.

Q.  They seem to step up at your blueline, step up more.
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  I thought their forecheck was a little heavier than we saw in the first couple games.
I thought even if it wasn't a clean exit out of our end, we didn't get it out indirectly.  They sustained puck time, generated some plays.  I don't know about the quality of chances, but they definitely got the momentum out of the game spending time in our end.

Q.  (No microphone.)
COACH QUENNEVILLE:  He's a warrior.  He came back.

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