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May 25, 2003

Mathias Gronberg


Q. A good week?

MATHIAS GRONBERG: Oh, a very good week.

Q. Not quite enough to catch Garrido?

MATHIAS GRONBERG: To be honest, I didn't really play that good the back -- the last eight holes again, today, was not the way you want to finish. But I was very pleased. I started with 72 the first day, so I played 15-under the last three rounds. I'm very happy with that. It was nice. I made a great putt on 15 to save par from about five, six meters, so that felt great.

I parred two days in a row 18 and you can't do that. I parred 11 two days in a row -- or 12, the par 5. You can't do that if you want to finish very, very high up. But I'm obviously extremely pleased with the week. And if Ernie doesn't eagle the last, it looks like I'm alone at third, and a lone third in the Volvo PGA is a very good week.

Q. It's been a good few weeks for you. Do you have any expectations in the coming few weeks there's a lot of big tournaments coming up, isn't there?

MATHIAS GRONBERG: Not really. I'm going to try to play -- obviously there's things I want to improve on, like not playing as bad as I did the last seven, eight holes today. It feels good. I'm putting pretty good. The only problem I have, it's so funny, the first two days, I drove the ball great with a driver and the last two days, I haven't driven it so good. So that's things that I want to improve on.

Q. Can you put your finger on anything for your good form?

MATHIAS GRONBERG: I'm just focusing on a couple of new things with my swing and a couple of old things that I had from last year. And it seems to work very, very good. Just taking some bits and pieces from all over the place. But obviously, it was very nice. My wife flew over from the states and supported me for the week. It's very nice to play very good when she's over.

My coach has helped me with my swing and that's improving. Over the winter I was with Butch Harmon and worked with him a little bit. It's nicely coming together.

Q. What are your plans for the next few weeks?

MATHIAS GRONBERG: I'm probably heading to Celtic Manor to play that tournament. I'm going to back to play the U.S. Open qualifier, to try to get into that. I'll see what happens. But probably I will come back and play British Masters, as well.

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