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June 3, 2013

Roy Hibbert

David West


Indiana Pacers - 76
Miami Heat - 99

Q. テつRoy, throughout the series a lot was made of Dwyane Wade not being able to have much in the way of elevation or lift.テつ In this game he got six offensive rebounds, game high, and he didn't have to handle Paul George on defense.テつ What did you see from Wade tonight?テつ And how do you think not being around Paul George affected him?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ It was Game 7, he turned it on.テつ Those guys have been battle‑tested.テつ Unfortunately we lost, but they've been through it before, and I think all their guys were making the right plays and making game‑winning plays, because they've been through it before.
So hopefully we can learn from this.

Q.テつ Roy and David, what were they doing defensively?テつ It seemed like they were doubling the post a lot more than they have at any point in this series.テつ What specifically did they do to take you guys out of your identity and your offense?
DAVID WEST:テつ I thought they were a lot more aggressive on their back side, their defense.テつ They were there on the catch.テつ They didn't allow‑‑ particularly to Roy, they didn't allow a lot of space.
We just turned the ball over too much.テつ We talked about that before the game, being the biggest key.テつ You know, offensive fouls, just too many turnovers for a team of this caliber.テつ Especially on their home court with all that's on the line, just too much to overcome.

Q.テつ David, before that question you were looking at the stats sheet and you just shook your head.テつ What did you see that made you react that way?
DAVID WEST:テつ LeBron made more free throws than we did by himself, 38 to 20.テつ In terms of attempts, they made 33.テつ They were just more aggressive.テつ They just made more plays than we did.テつ You know, we weren't able to‑‑ we talked about before the game being able to handle their punch and their thrust.
We just weren't able to‑‑ we had another bad quarter, like we did, I guess it was Game 5, and it came in the first half, in that second quarter.テつ We gave them too many opportunities at the free‑throw line.

Q.テつ David, come July you are a free agent.テつ Have you thought about where you want to play next year?
DAVID WEST:テつ Yeah.テつ That's something I'll sit down and discuss, but this is my group.テつ These are my guys.テつ You know, I can't see myself going anywhere else.テつ We're the second best team in the Eastern Conference, one of the top four teams in the league, in my estimation, based on this year.
This group is a solid group.テつ Gives me as an individual the best chance to accomplish the goals that I have left in terms of my future, and that's competing at this stage of the game every single year from here on out.

Q.テつ Question is for the both of you:テつ Obviously it's a tough loss, but how would you rate the success of the Indiana Pacers this season?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ We've gone through a lot with Danny being out the beginning of the season.テつ David, Paul and George really stepped up.テつ We won a lot of games.テつ People grew.テつ They matured.テつ And we finished strong towards the end of the season.テつ We had one heck of a run.
It's unfortunate we lost, but I couldn't be more prouder of this team.テつ We pushed each other in practice every day.テつ We tried to get better every possession during the game.テつ The future is bright.
DAVID WEST:テつ I think our group, we worked, continued to push hard.テつ We lost Danny the day before the start of the regular season, I believe.テつ Started off the year we talked about 3‑6.テつ Everybody counted us out.テつ We made some adjustments.テつ Paul emerged.テつ Roy was himself.テつ Just came on strong.テつ Lance was thrown into a situation that he probably wasn't prepared for, in terms of his summer preparation.テつ So I'm looking forward to seeing what this group looks like in three months.
Again, we've got the same goals we had last summer.テつ Our only focus is going to be to beat Miami.テつ I mean, that's what it was at the beginning of the year, and I don't see that changing in the foreseeable future.

Q.テつ Roy, you came on strong in this postseason.テつ What do you feel like you can do in this off‑season?テつ And is there another level you can take it even further?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ Every summer I try to work on something different, whether it was cutting weight or putting on weight.テつ But I think this summer I really have to work on foot speed.テつ I think I do a good job of protecting the paint, but when I have to guard bigs that are on the perimeter that can hit shots and then can put it on the ground, I think I falter a little bit there.
So I'm going to look back throughout the season, and I think the biggest thing is just my foot speed and angles on the perimeter.テつ I think I have things locked down when it comes to the paint.
Everybody has to grow, myself included.テつ I'm going to hold myself accountable.テつ I didn't do too well in that aspect.テつ That's something I'm going to work on.

Q.テつ David, Dwyane Wade has been struggling physically for some time now.テつ He didn't seem to be struggling at all tonight.テつ What did you see from him that was different?
DAVID WEST:テつ He played hard.テつ That's probably the hardest he's played just in terms of effort, we felt.テつ We knew he at times was in and out of the series just terms of his impact.テつ But his experience took over tonight.テつ And I thought he made some key plays.テつ He missed some shots, went and got it off the glass a few times.テつ That's just a testament to how hard he played.
I thought he beat us in the effort department and he physically played harder tonight than we had seen in the previous six games.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thanks, everybody.

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