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June 3, 2013

Erik Spoelstra


Q. テつAfter going back and rewatching the film, where do you see areas where Chris Bosh and Wade can get going?
COACH ERIK SPOELSTRA:テつ The areas where they are normally comfortable.テつ We just have to be more committed to getting to our game.テつ And when we get to that game, everybody is a beneficiary.テつ We run a lot of offense through them, but we need to get to our pace, to our liking.

Q.テつ And Shane Battier and Ray Allen, is there something you can do I guess to get them involved?
COACH ERIK SPOELSTRA:テつ When we play at the pace with the spacing that we need and the ball moves, again, everybody becomes a beneficiary of that ball movement.テつ Really, the determining factor are getting good, clean looks.テつ If they're getting good, clean looks, it's a matter of time.

Q.テつ Erik, do you do anything differently as far as gauging the pulse or monitoring the temperament of your guys?
COACH ERIK SPOELSTRA:テつ No, our guys have been through everything.テつ And we've learned how to compartmentalize and just focus on the task.テつ When you get in a very competitive series like this, you're immersed, and you're not thinking about anything else but the task.テつ And that's the beauty of a very competitive competition.

Q.テつ Erik, the ball movement and the attacking styles worked pretty much all year long.テつ In three games of the series, what has inhibited the ball movement in the other three games, and more specifically the last game?
COACH ERIK SPOELSTRA:テつ It takes a great deal of commitment and focus to do it with an energy level and force triggers, and the ball has to move.テつ If you miss a moment, the court becomes smaller.テつ We held on to the ball a little bit too long last game instead of making the quick decisions, and those are critical things you have to keep in mind against a very good defense.
But when we're aggressive, when we play at a pace that's appropriate for our style, we feel that we can get the shots that we want.

Q.テつ Are you going to be adding Mike Miller to the rotation?
COACH ERIK SPOELSTRA:テつ We'll see.テつ Everything is on the table.

Q.テつ How much of a factor is Wade's right knee?テつ How short of his peak level is he?
COACH ERIK SPOELSTRA:テつ I haven't given any thought to percentages.テつ He's not making any excuses.テつ We're not making any excuses about it.テつ Everybody is ready to go tonight.テつ They're looking forward to it.
We have guys that are inspired by these types of moments in the bright lights.

Q.テつ You talk about getting to your offensive style and your triggers and everything.テつ How much more difficult is that against this particular defense than, you know, previous opponents?
COACH ERIK SPOELSTRA:テつ It's similar to Chicago, and one of the triggers you have to be able to do to get our game is control the rebounding.テつ They're always tipping it in or taking it out of the net.テつ That's not our style.テつ So we have to get stops.テつ We have to finish possessions, get us in the open court.テつ Obviously we would like to put enough pressure that would force some mistakes.テつ That helps us as well.
When it is half court, it's all five guys working together.テつ We built those habits all year.テつ They're a very good defensive team.テつ But if you hold and miss moments, that's where they are playing to the strength of their defense.

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