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June 2, 2013

Jerrin Fa'asua

Kaitlin Inglesby

Kylee Lahners

Heather Tarr

Shawna Wright


Oklahoma テや 6
Washington テや 2

THE MODERATOR:テつ We are now joined by Washington head coach Heather Tarr and student‑athletes Jerrin Fa'asua, Kaitlin Inglesby, Kylee Lahners, and Shawna Wright.テつ We'll open with Coach and then go to the floor with questions.
COACH TARR:テつ I have more than a comment.テつ I want to thank everybody for making this a great event for us.テつ All of the volunteers, some of them have been here for tons of years.テつ I remember when I played.テつ The field played I think the best I've ever seen it play.テつ Great job by the grounds crew to make it actually‑‑ you know, it used to be really hard on the infield, and I think they've gotten it now to the point where it plays really good, and I think that's a big deal for this venue.
I also want to thank our fans.テつ Some people that have supported us all season decided to get on a plane on Friday and come out to make it, and I think we made them happy and it was cool.テつ I also want to thank all of our parents.テつ They're awesome.テつ We have a great group of parents, and just overall a great season.テつ It's sad to see the seniors go, but there is nothing sad about how they performed and how well they led our team this year.テつ So that's all I've got.

Q.テつ Kaitlin, can you just talk about how difficult it is to pitch to that Oklahoma lineup with the power at the top and the speed at the bottom?
KAITLIN INGLESBY:テつ Well, I think they're a very well‑rounded team.テつ They have a great offense, and they have great pitching too.テつ So it's very tough to pitch to them.テつ But I think they hit my mistakes really well, and they put some great balls in play.テつ So my hat's off to them and I wish them the best of luck in the championship series.

Q.テつ Coach, can you talk about you closed the gap to 4‑2?テつ Just what was your thinking at that time?テつ What were you telling your team on what you wanted to see out of them the rest of the game?
COACH TARR:テつ Well, it's just more taking advantage of every out that we had left.テつ I thought that to get to 4‑2, it was nice because of the way they got the first run.テつ We kind of gave it to them a little bit.テつ Turang hit the triple, but had a little freebie there, and unfortunately the home run happened.テつ We didn't play soiled defense today, but the fact that we competed and we had an opportunity to be in the game for the entire game, I think that speaks a lot of our team.

Q.テつ Jerrin and Shawna, since both of you were here in Oklahoma City previously on this team, can you compare your experiences this year to your first experience here?
JERRIN FA'ASUA:テつ I think this team compared to our freshman year's team, I think we were mentally tough.テつ We wanted to keep fighting.テつ We were scratching, clawing all the way to the last out, like I think that's more of the difference this year.
SHAWNA WRIGHT:テつ Well, the teams were two totally different teams.テつ Freshman year I think we were more expected to win every game, and this year I'd say almost no one expected us to.テつ And we were determined to prove everybody wrong, and that is the main difference, I would say.

Q.テつ Kaitlin and Kylee, can you just talk about facing Ricketts?テつ What was tough about her?テつ And when you did have success, what were you all able to do?
KAITLIN INGLESBY:テつ Well, I think she is a phenomenal pitcher.テつ If you don't make adjustments when you're at‑bat, she's going to beat you.テつ So I think in my head in my third at‑bat I was just looking to attack early.テつ Because in my previous two at‑bats, she had thrown me strikes early, and I had given her the out by swinging at balls.
So I think just she's a fabulous pitcher and she loves to work ahead.テつ So just attacking early and she's going to do great in this series.
KYLEE LAHNERS:テつ I'd have to agree with Kaitlin.テつ She's a great pitcher.テつ She just doesn't throw, she's constantly going after the hitter's weakness.テつ Like she said, just making your adjustments from at‑bat to at‑bat and finding a way to put the ball in play.

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