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June 2, 2013

Gary McClure

Ryan Quick

Tyler Rogers



COACH McCLURE:テつ Well, I tell you what I thought it was a great baseball game.テつ Two teams really battled for nine innings.テつ They did a great job of getting on top of us early.
I thought Quick was up in the zone a little bit, and they took advantage of it a little bit, and got to two runs, but he was able to work out of it and not give up a big inning and then got us deep enough into the ballgame where we could use our bullpen.
Again, I thought it was just a great baseball game.テつ I thought both teams were extremely competitive.テつ Valparaiso, they have got a really nice team, they have got good players, good athletes, and a lot of heart.テつ You know, I think we got the same kind of team.テつ It was a great game, fun to be a part of.

Q.テつ After the error, what was the message from Jordan to you?
TYLER ROGERS:テつ I didn't really talk to Jordan afterwards.テつ Just said, I got ya, no big deal.テつ Been in situations with bunts this year and no big deal.

Q.テつ Your first two innings, feel any different?
TYLER ROGERS:テつ No, that's no big deal.テつ We are running on a lot of adrenaline right now in the post‑season.

Q.テつ Make it that much sweeter?
TYLER ROGERS:テつ Yeah, but you can't think about it until after the season, we have one more tonight.

Q.テつ Ryan, what was the plan, if there was one, for how far you would go into this game?
RYAN QUICK:テつ Well, the plan was to get into the count and keep the pitch count low and just try to get as far as I could.

Q.テつ How was your control today?
RYAN QUICK:テつ Could have been better.テつ I was up in the zone.テつ But I came back and started throwing strikes.

Q.テつ You were able to limit your walks, when you got behind in the count, were you able to bear down?
RYAN QUICK:テつ Yeah, not giving in or any pitches.

Q.テつ Got to ask, did you think about tagging the guy on the last play?
TYLER ROGERS:テつ Yeah, it actually crossed my mind, and then I remembered to under hand it because of the first inning, I over‑threw.テつ Yeah, it crossed my mind.

Q.テつ Michael Davis comes up that last time, we heard some guys were talking about a home run; was it on your mind as he came up this time?
COACH McCLURE:テつ Wasn't really thinking about a home run I guess.テつ You know, I just was thinking about, you know, him trying to get on base for us, get the lead‑off man on.テつ We had Gautier ready to run for him if he got on base so we could hopefully have a better chance to score a run.
You know, like I said before, any time he's at the plate, he's capable of doing that and just a strong kid.テつ You know, he squared the ball up, got a pitch to hit.テつ Did a great job hitting it.

Q.テつ And he has not had a great weekend at the plate outside of the two home runs, did that affect him at all?
COACH McCLURE:テつ I don't think so.テつ He's not a big thinker.テつ He's just‑‑ he goes up there and sees the ball, hits the ball.テつ He's had some bad at‑bats.テつ He's had some good at‑bats.
He's one of those guys that you have in your lineup because you know what he's capable of hitting a ball out at any time.テつ Actually, he's been really good lately of getting good pitches to hit.テつ Going into this tournament, he has not been quite as good as this, but his hits have been big.

Q.テつ Inaudible‑‑ the extra bases with the speed, how valuable is that?
COACH McCLURE:テつ It's big.テつ The kid helped us get a couple runs today.テつ We would have liked to see him done a little more his last two at‑bats when we had guys on third base and a guy on second base, and you know, we felt like he settled for a pitch kind of when he was ahead in the count.テつ You would like to see him really bear down and get a pitch to hit, because he's such a good hitter.
Yeah, he got on, he was able to steal bags.テつ He turned a double into a triple, and that was huge.テつ Got us a run.テつ Got a run back quick when we went down 4‑2 and got us right back in the ballgame with just a swing away, so that was really, really good.

Q.テつ Special situations today, two outs, two‑strike hits‑‑
COACH McCLURE:テつ You know, that was everything.テつ I mean, if they were able to get back on top right there, or to add, I mean, it might have broke‑‑ it he might have broke our back.テつ I tell you what, we hit a lot of balls hard that game right at people, early in the game and in the middle of the game, and even late a little bit, we really did.テつ That was kind of one of those games where he had a lot of hit at him balls.
Lee did a great job of picking us up.テつ He made some outstanding pitches with bases loaded and one out and got out of it.テつ Reed Harper obviously got a huge hit with two strikes on him and two outs to tie the ballgame, so again, Harper comes up big for us.

Q.テつ And then Tommy, as well, how well has he done?
COACH McCLURE:テつ He's done a great job.テつ He's a true freshman and he's a guy that's got a really good swing and is capable of a lot of different things.テつ You know, the only thing he doesn't have a ton of yet is experience, and every once in a while that will get him.テつ But as the season has went on here, he's played more and more at the end since Scott has been out hurt.テつ He's gotten better and better.

Q.テつ Indiscernible?
COACH McCLURE:テつ We have got to do anything we have got to do to win it.テつ We can't worry about the next game.テつ This game is the only game that matters.テつ We got to try to piece it together.テつ We would have liked to have got through the game with Quick.テつ He didn't have his great fastball today.テつ He was more 88 to 90.テつ He's been 92 to 95, but he had to pitch and he started getting his slider across.テつ We were hoping he could get deeper into the game and we could go straight to Rogers.
You know, we had to do what we had to do and that was win this game first, and now we have got to do that; the next game is all that matters and we just have to try to extend this to tomorrow somehow.

Q.テつ Does the experience from last year help you?
COACH McCLURE:テつ Experience always helps I think, no question about it.テつ You know, familiarity with it.テつ We just really want to take the next step and force tomorrow's game now.テつ We have a tough game ahead of us.

Q.テつ Have you decided who you're starting and is Tyler available?
COACH McCLURE:テつ Oh, yeah, Tyler is definitely available.テつ He's a guy that‑‑ what he's done so far, he's absolutely fine.テつ He can throw a lot.テつ He doesn't put a lot of strain on his arm and he's a real loosy‑goosey type guy and he will want the ball.
Sometimes you have to do some things in these situations that we are in right now that you maybe wouldn't do any other time of year but maybe you do it one time a year, that type of thing.テつ Certainly want to take care of our athletes arms and bodies and all that.
But he definitely has not done anything or at the pitch count where he's not going to be okay.テつ We are going to start Corey who has been a reliever for us, and you know, what we want out of him is just give us as many innings as he can and try get us through; if it's two or three, that would be great, and then we'll hand the ball off to somebody else and just try to piece this thing together.テつ Hopefully we'll have to worry about tomorrow, that would be a great thing.

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