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June 2, 2013

Kim Bruins

Connie Clark

Blaire Luna


Texas – 3
Florida – 0

THE MODERATOR:  We are now joined by Texas head coach, Connie Clark, and student‑athletes Kim Bruins and Blaire Luna.  We'll start with an opening comment from Coach, and then open with questions.
COACH CLARK:  Just nice to get the W.  To come out and really just turn it around and Florida is a great ballclub.  Obviously, they had a late night and quite a long battle with Nebraska.  So it was nice to come out.  I thought our team was ready to go.
Again, feeling very confident after yesterday and just talking about let's turn it around and come back and be ready to go.  So I love the fight that they brought today.

Q.  Kim, after yesterday's uncharacteristic struggles, how did it feel today to be such an offensive difference maker?
KIM BRUINS:  It was really nice knowing that I had such a tough game yesterday and knowing that I can help my team out in a positive way today.  It felt really good, because we definitely needed this win more than anything.  I think as a whole, we do a very good job of bouncing back after a loss.

Q.  Blaire, such a big bounce back for you, 14 strikeouts, 1 hit.  Can you talk about your game today?
BLAIRE LUNA:  Overall, I was really proud of how I did and just bouncing back.  It's the World Series.  That's what it's about.  I think today I did a lot better job of mixing and it worked to my advantage.

Q.  Kim, would you talk about‑‑ it seems like you found the left field wall exactly right.  You got robbed once, and two just barely made it over.
KIM BRUINS:  I don't know.  That's just my spot right now.  I'm just seeing the ball very well and I'm trying to be more selective with the pitches that I'm swinging at.  I can't even explain it.  I guess that's just my spot and I'm just doing a better job of selecting pitches to swing at.

Q.  Coach, did you implement anything in your game plan today to take advantage of the short rest that Florida had on this one?
COACH CLARK:  We really didn't.  Again, we don't want to get too consumed with the opponent.  I think we saw that a little bit yesterday.  We got a little consumed with them, and we have to always reel ourselves back in and stay focused on what we're doing.  Although we're empathetic, we had a nice set‑up with the game time.  Sometimes you get that, sometimes you don't.  We had a good turnaround time for recovery.
But we didn't do anything different in regards to preparation.  It was just let's go back to work and take care of business and go right at them and play Texas softball.  I thought we had a great mental approach in that regard today.

Q.  Can you talk about now the situation for you guys having to beat Tennessee twice, how you guys approach that and kind of the scouting report, if you know anything about the Volunteers?
COACH CLARK:  We've got film on them, and certainly have scouting reports.  So the nice thing right now is we've got a window of time where we can get the athletes fed, an ice bath.  We appreciate the ASA putting in clubhouses now, so those are great for the athletes in between games.  We can go and recover and get ready for Tennessee.  They're a great ballclub.
Like we said yesterday, we feel like we have as good a shot as anybody.  So we'll go back, look at the information that we have, maybe pull out a couple tendencies, but other than that, we need to stay focused on what we do well.  I think the recovery piece is the most important in regards to nutrition and hydration, getting a fresh set of legs and turning it around and keep competeing hard.

Q.  Kim, you're now a home run hitter.  When did you turn into a power hitter?
KIM BRUINS:  I don't know.  This is my senior year and the World Series, I've just got to step up.  I guess I've been saving them all for right now.

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