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June 1, 2013

Matt Jones


Q.  You're still in contention, does it feel good to be where you're at?
MATT JONES:  Yeah, I played very well today, putted great.  I had one bad hole, but other than that it was still‑‑ it's going to happen on that hole.
I played well and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Q.  Three days in a row with the wind.  Are you getting used to it, is it taking its toll, is it beating you guys up?
MATT JONES:  It's a grind.  You can't have any time off on this golf course.  It's always there.  If you make one mistake that can turn into a double.  The wind has been consistent.

Q.  Is it a guessing game, though, too, partly, because the guys are talking about you hope you guess right?
MATT JONES:  Oh, it definitely is.  Hopefully you can get the right wind.

Q.  On 16, 17 and 18, how tough are these finishing holes here?
MATT JONES:  16 is extremely tough.  17 and 18, they're tough, but you can still hit a 2‑iron, 9‑iron.  If you play them right, you can still make good scores.  But if you hit a bad tee shot, you can make a big number.

Q.  Heading into tomorrow, just your thoughts?
MATT JONES:  I'm going to stick to my game plan.  I hit 3 drivers on every round.  2‑irons and 3‑woods off the tees.

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