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June 1, 2013

Kim Bruins

Connie Clark

Blaire Luna


Oklahoma – 10
Texas – 2

THE MODERATOR:  We are now joined by Texas head coach, Connie Clark and student‑athletes Kim Bruins and Blaire Luna.
COACH CLARK:  Tough one to lose today.  We've talked about OU throughout this year, obviously, with them being in our conference.  I feel the same.  We've had the same conversation today that they're a good ballclub, we're a good ballclub.
But when you're facing teams at the World Series, you can't give them that many seams, and we gave them a lot of extra opportunities today by issuing free passes and a couple of very uncharacteristic errors and those types of things.  So we've just got to shore that up.
OU is a great club, but we're absolutely feeling good about going into tomorrow and knowing that we'll take care of business on our end.

Q.  Coach, what was your message to the team right after the game in the dugout and locker room?
COACH CLARK:  Right after the game?  You know, just that same thing I just told you.  That you just cannot give them that many opportunities.  Whether it's OU or whether we'll see the winner of Nebraska‑Florida tomorrow and that we need to focus on what we're doing or what we're not doing.  Again, pretty uncharacteristic stuff.  We went over our game plan in regards to facing their hitters prior to the game, and I think we were trying to be just a little to fine there in issuing those free passes and then getting the errors.  Because they're uncharacteristic, you can't get too consumed.  You have to say, you know what?  Let's pick it up and get ready to get after it tomorrow.

Q.  Coach, can you talk about the decision to pull Luna and put Bruins in in the third?
COACH CLARK:  Yeah, I think I think it was five walks.  I don't have that right in front of me, but five walks.  Again, Blaire is so good, and I think it was taking the game plan and being too fine.  They've got a tremendous lineup.  And we felt like KB would bring a different look to the table, you know, east‑west stuff.  Make a straight change in there as opposed to Luna who likes to work north and south quite a bit.
I thought KB did a great job.  We were very close to getting out of that inning, and the momentum could have gone either way.  I think she brought some good things to the table for us.  Although I know she's a little disappointed, I liked what she brought.  Same thing with Holly Kern.  We've got a freshman in there.  That's a great experience for her.  She went in and attacked the strike zone for us.

Q.  Kim, can you talk about the throw that went into right field?  What do you think happened on the play?
KIM BRUINS:  I just definitely rushed with her because I knew she was really fast.  So I just kind of got up and I had more time than I thought, but I just kind of rushed my throw.

Q.  Blaire, OU was talking about how they've seen you so much that they know stuff that can get to you.  I guess they were taking a lot of pitches.  Do you have the same familiarity with them as far as where you're throwing?
BLAIRE LUNA:  We had a game plan going into it.  I obviously didn't do a good job of staying ahead in the count and that kind of hurt me.  But I feel like our game plan was strong, and I just didn't really stick to it just because I didn't stay ahead in the count.

Q.  Blaire, can you talk about the confidence of this team?  Yeah, there is a big loss, but you guys are still right in there and have a game tomorrow.  Can you talk about the confidence going forward?
BLAIRE LUNA:  I think our confidence is still good.  We definitely jumped on Keilani.  She was struggling, and we had one good inning against her.  I think overall our confidence is good.  Our team is about fighting, and we're not going to give up.

Q.  Coach, do you mind talking about that match‑up?  If you guys know anything about Florida or Nebraska and what you'll do today to scout that type of thing?
COACH CLARK:  We have some film on them and scouting reports.  So Corrie Hill, one of my assistants, handles that.  So we'll put this behind us and start focusing on that tonight a little bit and obviously need to see who comes out of that game before we attack that too hard.
But we do have some good information on them and obviously with Nebraska being a former Big 12 opponent, and then we've seen Florida quite a bit through the year in regards to film and whatnot.  So I think we'll take a good game plan in.  Similar to what we've talked about earlier, we've got to focus on what we do well, and I think that will be our number one piece in the scouting report more than anything else.

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