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June 1, 2013

Victoria Hayward

Kaitlin Inglesby

Kelli Suguro

Heather Tarr


Tennessee テや 1
Washington テや 0

THE MODERATOR:テつ We are now joined by Washington head coach, Heather Tarr and student‑athlete Hooch Fagaly, Victoria Hayward, Kaitlin Inglesby, and Kelli Suguro.テつ We'll start with Coach and then questions.
COACH TARR:テつ I don't have too much to say.テつ The fact that we played some great games, I think it's some things that a lot of teams would have folded with with regards to just a really tight strike zone, and so be it.テつ That's what it was.
I thought Kaitlin Inglesby played a great game through obviously well enough for us to win.テつ Unfortunately, offensively we couldn't string anything together.テつ We didn't draw any walks.テつ Our quality at‑bat percentage was way down for what we needed to do to win games.テつ The team is going to be tough.テつ We're going to stay tough and we're not going to let this thing get us down.

Q.テつ Kaitlin, can you talk about the emotions?テつ Two days ago you have a walk off win and not being able to play yesterday and then you come off with a tough loss in a game like this?
KAITLIN INGLESBY:テつ We're going to take it one game at a time.テつ Like Coach said, we're going to play again.テつ Tomorrow is a new day, and we have to face whoever shows up in the dugout.テつ When we come and play Husky softball and have clutch hitting and a great pitching performance.テつ We can compete with anybody in the country.

Q.テつ Kelli, can you share what made Ellen so difficult on the mound for Tennessee?
KELLI SUGURO:テつ Well, we've never really faced Tennessee.テつ None of our players currently have ever played against them.テつ But we knew that she's one of the best pitchers in the country.テつ We didn't make the adjustments we needed to produce the runs we needed to win, so...

Q.テつ Coach, what is it going to take from your team to be able to bounce back from a loss like this and be able to come back tomorrow and just keep on advancing?
COACH TARR:テつ We think we played well.テつ So the fact that we didn't win shouldn't get us down.テつ I thought offensively kind of disappointed just for quality at‑bat standpoints, but we thought we played well enough to win, and we get to play again and we don't have to wait to play.テつ So hopefully we'll get to play tomorrow and the weather will be fine.
VICTORIA HAYWARD:テつ Though we didn't have that many hits; we had a lot of balls squared up, a lot of balls hit to the wall.テつ So we were just one ball dropping our way away from a potential win in that game.テつ So we take the good things with it and move on into the next game.

Q.テつ Coach, can you talk about the resolve that Kaitlin had in three of the first four innings when she worked herself out of the bases loaded jams?
COACH TARR:テつ Yeah, well, Kait's grown up a lot from last year to this year.テつ If those types of things would have happened maybe even earlier this year or last year, I don't think that she would have been able to respond in the way that she did.テつ But she was tough and she kept us in every single inning.テつ We had a chance to win every inning.テつ We had a chance to score first, and that is all we can ask of her.テつ But the fact that she stayed tough when she needed to be tough, she got out of those jams, it says a lot about her.

Q.テつ Kind of walk us through yesterday, last night's situation and where you all ended up and how you all were able to come back today?テつ Hooch, and then go down the line.
HOOCH FAGALY:テつ Sure, when we got back to the‑‑ I guess before we started getting ready for the game we were told that there could be a possible delay, so we just stayed together, watched some film a little bit.テつ Then when we heard a possible go back to your room, get stuff settled and get together.テつ Some of us packed a little bit more heavily than others.テつ I packed my entire room I think, and we all headed down to the basement where most of the teams were, and we were just waiting for an all clear.
KAITLIN INGLESBY:テつ We all worked together and faced the same obstacles, and nobody had it easy, nobody had it hard.
KELLI SUGURO:テつ In terms of delays, we're from Seattle, so we've experienced rain but not to that extent.テつ But I mean everybody else had to stop and play and then come back.テつ This is softball.テつ You play outside.テつ So you've got to do what you've got to do.

Q.テつ Coach, Tennessee was saying it's not just themselves but the whole traveling party.テつ How do you think everybody as a whole handled the anxiety level last night?
COACH TARR:テつ Well, our team's pretty even keel.テつ We were the ones with the boom box and the music, so they probably liked it, no disrespect to the weather.テつ We respect it, but it was just a diversion and not a big deal.テつ If anything, it probably gave Ellen Renfroe the rest that she needed, but other than that, we had fun with it.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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