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June 1, 2013

Raven Chavanne

Tory Lewis

Ellen Renfroe

Madison Shipman

Ralph Weekly


Tennessee ¬Ė 1
Washington ¬Ė 0

THE MODERATOR:¬† We are now joined by Tennessee co‑head coach, Ralph Weekly, and student‑athletes Raven Chavanne, Tory Lewis, Ellen Renfroe, and Madison Shipman.¬† We'll start with Coach and then questions.
COACH WEEKLY:¬† First of all, congratulations to Washington.¬† That was a great game.¬† They played a great game.¬† My wife Karen and co‑head coach is a graduate of Washington Law School.¬† My son, John, is a graduate of University of Washington.¬† That is a school that we really care about.
But we're competing against them today.  These kids did a fantastic job, our kids.  I don't care what the score ended up, I would say the same thing, our kids fought from the very beginning, and it's all about timely hitting.  It took us a while to get that timely hit.  But all the credit goes to the kids.  They never quit.  They never put their head down.  They never stopped fighting.

Q.¬† Tory, take us through that last at‑bat?
TORY LEWIS:¬† Just really pumped up all day.¬† Didn't really focus and knowing that I had to get the ball through the infield.¬† I guess, everybody had to be safe in that at‑bat.

Q.  What were your instructions?
TORY LEWIS:  They just told me we needed to score this run and they were ready for me to be safe.  So everybody needed to be safe on this play, so get the ball through the infield.

Q.  What was the feeling when you saw that ball get through the infield?
TORY LEWIS:  I started celebrating before I got to first base.  And Marc at first base was like touch the base, touch the base.  It felt amazing.  So it's exciting.
COACH WEEKLY:  Tory knew what to do out there, but we told her to stay on top of the ball, which she had done all day.  Fantastic.  That was the key.

Q.  Ralph, you had three bases loaded, maybe five innings and runners on third base, what is going through your thought process?
COACH WEEKLY:  Actually, what was going through and what we told them is we're going to get it, we're going to get it.  Just don't worry about it.  We had some great hitters out there.  We had some great hitters up there with the bases loaded and runners in scoring position.  And you know something, this game is a game of failure.  I mean, if you're successful three out of ten times, you're a star in this game.  And a lot of people forget that.  This is a tough game to play.
I'm proud of each of our kids.  I thought they gave it a tremendous effort.  The way Ellen was pitching, I knew she was going to hold them until we could get a run.

Q.¬† Ellen, a lot like your N.C. State game, you knew you had to keep your opponent at basically nothing across with the two‑hitter.¬† Talk about your performance and knowing what you had to do?
ELLEN RENFROE:  Just throughout the game I continued to stay focused on my job.  I knew the hitters kept putting pressure on their defense and also trying to get the momentum back.  Sometimes we kind of feel the momentum shift.  They'd make a big play on defense, and we'd have to go back out there and hold them.
So just continuing to have a presence on the mound for my team.¬† The Washington hitters definitely made that difficult.¬† I think after the game I finally took a deep breath for the first time probably all day.¬† So they definitely challenged me pitching‑wise.¬† So it was an exciting game.

Q.  What have you seen out of Ellen over the past couple of weeks that's maybe sharper than it was during the SEC season for you guys?
COACH WEEKLY:¬† Well, Ellen's always been sharp.¬† And I said it yesterday, and I'll be brief on this:¬† We decided to go with both of them pretty equal, Ellen and Ivy.¬† So their arms are pretty fresh anyhow.¬† Today we felt, again, Ellen was a better match‑up.¬† I've seen a lot of toughness, a lot of toughness out of Ellen.¬† The attitude that she just spoke of, I'm going to hold the opponent until my team scores.¬† She did it against NorthCarolina State.¬† She did it in one of the Alabama games.¬† She's just tough.

Q.  Madison, if you could talk about all those chances that seem to get missed there with bases loaded, runners in scoring position, what were you all saying in the dugout?  What was the mentality?
MADISON SHIPMAN:  We just kept telling everybody that we put pressure on them, we keep putting pressure on them, eventually we'll get runs across.  We talked about not letting that momentum sway their way.  Keeping it on our side.  There were moments where you get bases loaded and don't get it done, and we just go, ahhhh.
But we wanted to keep the momentum on our side.  Ellen kept it going, and we just went out there and tried to play defense and keep them coming.

Q.¬† Can you explain why you thought that Ellen was a better match‑up for Washington?
COACH WEEKLY:  Really, and I'm not trying to vague this, but I'd rather not because we may play them again.  There was just something we saw in scouting reports and watching their hitters.  But by the way, for the Seattle Times, Inglesby threw a fantastic game against us too.  That was just a great game.

Q.  Raven, how hard was it to refocus today after everything that happened here last night with the weather and the tornado warnings and all that stuff?
RAVEN CHAVANNE:  Yeah, California girl is going crazy.  I don't think it was that hard to refocus.  I actually forgot about it until you just mentioned it and now I think about it.  Just going out there, getting focused, making sure you got a good night's sleep.  The thunder was booming all night and I know a bunch of us heard that.
Once you step on the ball field you can't make excuses about being tired or anything like that just because we had a hectic day off yesterday.  So just staying focused and focusing on the game, not paying attention to yesterday or the day before.

Q.  For any of the players, we saw photos on Twitter of you guys in the parking garage and everything.  Just kind of explain what last night was like for you?  You mentioned California girls, and some people have probably never gone through this before?
RAVEN CHAVANNE:  Me and Madison were happy.  Overall our team did a pretty good job of being calm.  We took it very well, I would say.
ELLEN RENFROE:  I think more than anything else we were worried about our families who weren't at the hotel with us.  There were a couple of us who had families away.  It was more being nervous about other people.  But for ours, I think we all stayed together, and we were pretty calm all around.
TORY LEWIS:  It's hard not seeing what's outside and just hearing it but not seeing it.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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