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May 31, 2013

Andrew Bain

Cole Webb

Tracy Woodson



COACH WOODSON:テつ Well, just disappointed, especially for the guys.テつ Thought we controlled the game for eight innings.テつ We put it in the hands of our closer and he's been lights‑out all year and he hung up a breaking ball.テつ But overall, just disappointed because we had the game in hand.テつ We were in control for eight innings.

Q.テつ What was working for you?テつ Seemed like in the end they never figured you out.
COLE WEBB:テつ I was really locating all my pitches well tonight.テつ We just stuck to the game plan and didn't let anything affect us.テつ My cutter kept hitting the outside spot and it just kind of kept repetitious and ended up doing well tonight.

Q.テつ Just the delivery you had, the straight‑over‑the‑top motion, what makes that work as well as it does?テつ Seems like they had no way of just getting to you at all.テつ How does that usually work for you that well?
COLE WEBB:テつ To be honest, I used to be a quarterback and so that's kind of the same throwing motion.テつ I just brought that over to baseball.テつ That's just my normal throwing motion, so it's normal for me.

Q.テつ Obviously when you're in control of a game like that, how disappointing is it to get there and see it fall apart like that at the end?
COLE WEBB:テつ It's tough, obviously because the guy we put in, obviously we had the most confidence in and he's really done it all year.テつ It was just one of those games where‑‑ every closer has it, and obviously it's pretty emotional and it's pretty tough, because the four versus one and all that.テつ But we are just going to come back come and be ready.

Q.テつ What was the message in the locker room and then how do you bounce back?
ANDREW BAIN:テつ Just have to have a short memory, whether it's an at‑bat in a game or a loss like tonight.テつ We've just got to cut it out and be ready to go tomorrow.テつ Up the intensity we have before a game to get us over that hump, but we'll be ready to go tomorrow for sure.

Q.テつ What was the difference in Indiana's two pitchers tonight, seemed like you were punishing a lot of swingers' mistakes but Effross came in, two hits, four and a third; what was the difference between those two guys?
ANDREW BAIN:テつ I thought Effross did a really good job of mixing his changeup and fastball.テつ At first couldn't really tell the difference if he was throwing one or the other and that really kept us off‑balance.
And the other starter, we were just able to hit a couple mistakes that he left up.テつ He challenged us, and we were able to put some through.

Q.テつ What made Cole as good as he was tonight?
COACH WOODSON:テつ That's the way he's been all year.テつ He lost two 1‑0 games early in the year, at one point he was 1.30テつ and he had a 1.70 ERA.テつ I thought he was going to be a great match‑up especially with the left‑handed hitters because he runs the ball in on them.テつ The cutter, it's probably better than a slider; it's just hard to pick up, and we've now had a couple guys that have thrown that pitch over the last three or four years and they have been very successful.
It gets tougher when you come, third and fourth time around, but didn't have that problem tonight.テつ We were debating whether to send him out; he said he was out of gas, and I think the heat got to him a little bit and we went to Mahar first.

Q.テつ With Kowalczyk, was it a matter of the wrong mistakes at the wrong time and just a couple hung pitches?
COACH WOODSON:テつ Yeah, and if we get the lead tomorrow, he'll be back in there again.テつ He's been that good for us; 1.30 ERA, one earned run all year in 25 innings.テつ You know, and I think Indianas and the Floridas, they see guys like that all the time.テつ You can't make mistakes.テつ And the breaking ball was up, or they swung through it or they grounded out.

Q.テつ Also, just from the baserunning side of things, you talked a lot yesterday about being aggressive on the bases and it felt like tonight you kind of maybe had Indiana off‑balance sometimes, defensively and on the mound; is that something you thought you saw?
COACH WOODSON:テつ We thought we had the starter.テつ We thought we had him thinking about it a little bit.テつ And then the second guy, the one inning when he walked the first two, I think the guy on first, bouncing around, thinking he was going to go affected him.テつ We needed to add runs in that inning and we didn't.
I can't complain about the way our guys played.テつ That's a hard game to take.

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