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May 31, 2013

Rickie Fowler


Q.  Tell us about your day.
RICKIE FOWLER:  A little more consistent today.  Still working out.  It was nice to make a few putts towards the end.  There was a little more breeze today.  I'm excited with where my day was and to make a few good putts coming in.  I'm excited about the tee time tomorrow.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
RICKIE FOWLER:  I know there's going to still be some weather through the weekend, so I'll take whatever the weather rolls in, see how the course plays.  Everyone is going to be playing in the same weather.

Q.  When the weather starts to change a little bit (inaudible.)
RICKIE FOWLER:  Yeah, playing in the wind can be difficult.  Some of these greens are tough and it's tough because the ball gets affected quite a bit and there's not very much room for error out here.  So like I said, it didn't play easy out there.  It's not fun judging jumpers out of the rough into the wind.  I'm working on getting the ball in the fairway over the weekend.

Q.  That chip on 18 that you had, it seemed like you knew what you were doing.
RICKIE FOWLER:  It was kind of a funky lie.  I wasn't exactly comfortable with the shot.  I felt if I stayed aggressive and hit the shot, it was going to run past the hole.  I hit it a little too far, but ended up with five feet underneath the hole and walked away with 4.  So I was happy with it.

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