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May 31, 2013

Corey Crawford


THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Corey.

Q.  What do you see out of Jonathan that makes him so good?
COREY CRAWFORD:  Goes after everything, never gives up, covers the bottom of the net so well.  Just got to find a way to get in front of him, take his eyes away, make it hard on him.  Just try and create a lot of traffic.

Q.  With a goalie like that at the other end, I know you don't compete against him, but do you say, I want to match him or do better than him?
COREY CRAWFORD:  Definitely you compete.  My focus is on their forwards, their players, their tendencies.  That's my job.  Obviously I want to beat him.  I want to move on.  I want to get to the finals.

Q.  How have things gotten better as the playoffs have gone on for L.A.?
COREY CRAWFORD:  I haven't seen all their games.  Seems they're playing the same way.  Last year when they won, pretty solid all around.  They're a great team when they get the lead.  They have some skill, too.
They have a lot of guys actually that can score.

Q.  (No microphone.)
COREY CRAWFORD:  Doesn't matter.  Can't control it.  No point in arguing about it or complaining about it.
It is what it is.  Just focus and start on the first game.

Q.  How grueling was the last series?
COREY CRAWFORD:  It was pretty tiring.  We battled hard.  We were tired after it.  It wasn't easy.  It's obviously you're going to be tired after you play like that, win in overtime.  It is very tiring physically and mentally.
It was nice to get a day off yesterday, kind of regroup, rest up.

Q.  (Question regarding their forwards.)
COREY CRAWFORD:  There's other guys that can shoot the puck and make plays, too.  They can make plays.
Just got to be aware of everyone, just have their tendencies in the back of my mind.

Q.  Jonathan Quick is getting a lot of attention.  Won the Conn Smythe last year.  Do you think you're getting enough respect going into this series?
COREY CRAWFORD:  I don't think it really matters, to be honest, whether people are talking about my performance or not.  It doesn't change what I have to do.
He's played well.  Obviously, he won last year.  Played really well last year in the playoffs.  He's playing well again this year.  I have a lot of respect for him.
I'm just worried about my game.  Focus on what I have to do.

Q.  After Game4, you said you needed to be better.
COREY CRAWFORD:  Just give our guys a chance.  I think everyone felt we needed to step up a little bit to give us a chance to move on.  We played well.  We didn't stop playing hard.  We didn't change too much.  We were playing well.

Q.  New stage in the playoffs for you.  How difficult is it to think of the moment and just play your game?
COREY CRAWFORD:  It's going to be fun.  This is what it's about, moving on, getting closer to your goal, your dream.  It's really just exciting, fun.  Playing in our building, it's crazy.  It's awesome.  That last goal was unbelievable.  The crowd went wild.
It's going to be so much more fun moving on in this next series.

Q.  There's so much more attention on you and the goaltenders.  Mentally, is that an issue for you, to avoid that, just play your game?
COREY CRAWFORD:  No, like I said, it's more fun.  Are you saying it puts more pressure?

Q.  Yes.
COREY CRAWFORD:  Don't worry about it.  Do the same thing we've done all year.  Now it's just more attention.  Crowd's louder.  More fun for us.
Thank you.

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