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May 30, 2013

Sara Driesenga

Carol Hutchins


Oklahoma – 7
Michigan – 1

THE MODERATOR:  We are now joined by Michigan head coach, Carol Hutchins and student‑athlete Sara Driesenga.  We'll start with a comment from Coach and go to the floor with questions.
COACH HUTCHINS:  Well, I think you have to give credit where credit is due.  Oklahoma was all Oklahoma.  They're as good as advertised, and Keilani no‑hit us.  First time we've been no‑hit all year.  I give them a lot of credit.  They are a fantastic ballclub, well‑coached, they play great softball.  We were going to have to have a heck of an effort to beat them.
I think it's really tough for college kids their first time on this big stage.  Actually, I thought Sara pitched a great game.  She had a couple of tough innings and we didn't help her out.  And Amy Knapp plays a fantastic third base for us.  The leadoff error there in the third, certainly it's a different ballgame if we make that routine play she's very capable of, and she made all game.
You can't give a great team, you can't give them anything.  And we gave them a little too much.  But I can tell you what, my kids believe in themselves, and we will regroup.  We'll put this in the past and we'll move forward and look forward to playing on Saturday.

Q.  Sara, so what kind of changed in the third inning?  Did they see better in the third inning, or were you doing something different with your pitches?  Why were they able to get runs off you then?
SARA DRIESENGA:  I definitely think, just like Coach said, if we make a play here, make a play there, things change.  Then when they don't we just have to stay tough and get right at them.  I think I tightened up a little bit, trying too hard.  But after that, we settled down and came right back at them.

Q.  Coach, all things considered, were you pleased with how your team came out early in the first few innings, getting the run across and putting Oklahoma in a tight spot before things just started to go the wrong way for you in the third?
COACH HUTCHINS:  Well, I thought the first two innings were key holding them.  As tough as we knew it was going to be to score runs, the biggest problem with Oklahoma is you have to try to contain them until you can get runs.  And the game plan was to put the ball in play, and SiLo put the ball in play and made some things happen.  I was pleased with that to get on the board.  But holding them down is very difficult.  Every at‑bat, every pitch, it's a very intense ballgame.

Q.  Coach, what was Keilani doing well with her pitches?  What was she able to do to throw you guys off her game?  Was it something that‑‑ her drop ball seemed to work well, but were there other things too?
COACH HUTCHINS:  Well, she came right at us.  She used that famous crop duster, and when she brought that changeup out of her pocket, she was deadly.  She was deadly and she was in command, she was in complete command of her game.  That's key to the game.

Q.  Wanted to ask what kind of instances are you guys going to look back on and say, hey, we've responded from situations?  Tell me a little about those key moment this is season?
COACH HUTCHINS:  Well, I think you look just as recent as last week, losing game 2 of the Super Regional, we had 30 minutes to adjust, and our kids put it in the past and moved forward.  You do that every day at practice because every day at practice my goal is to knock them down so they have to learn how to get back up.  This group believes in each other; they love each other.  I totally believe that they'll respond.
SARA DRIESENGA:  Yeah, I definitely would have to agree with last weekend and even all throughout the season even when we're down in games we've never given up.  We always fight until the end, until the last stop.  We always come right at them.  We're fearless.  We play like we have nothing to lose, and we have fun while we're doing it.

Q.  Over the years that I've known you, you will be thinking about the next game when you walk out this door.  What is your experience with your next opponent?
COACH HUTCHINS:  We have seen them the last couple years out of Fullerton.  A year ago they beat us on a walk‑off.  I think it was a 1‑0 game.  This year I believe we beat them.  I think it was a 1‑0 game.  No, it was a 5‑4 game.  I can tell you that at this level, what's happened in the past doesn't matter.  What my team needs to take confidence in is they have beaten a number of great teams this season, and we need to have confidence in that.
But we have two teams with their backs against the wall and they're fighting to stay alive and they get to keep playing together.  So I expect a game.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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