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May 30, 2013

Lauren Haeger

Hannah Rogers

Kelsey Stewart

Tim Walton


Tennessee テや 9
Florida テや 2

THE MODERATOR:テつ We're joined by Florida head coach, Tim Walton, and student‑athletes Lauren Haeger, Hannah Rogers, and Kelsey Stewart.テつ We'll start with an opening comment from Coach and go to the floor with questions.
COACH WALTON:テつ Congratulations to Tennessee.テつ I thought they played a great game, and Ellen Renfroe threw a really good game as well.テつ We didn't play very well.テつ It was uncharacteristic mistakes.テつ I thought offensively we had a chance, came back there in the fourth or fifth, whatever inning that was, I think it was the fifth.テつ And we battled and I really give our kids credit for the fight.
We just didn't have enough, obviously, going to Lauren early in the game, and she gave us a great chance to at least keep us in the game.テつ Overall it wasn't our best game, that's for sure.

Q.テつ Hannah, can you just speak to what may or may not have been going on with you in the first inning?
HANNAH ROGERS:テつ I thought Tennessee came out right off the bat.テつ I was feeling good in the first inning, and things just weren't going my way.

Q.テつ Did you expect him to lift you that soon?テつ Could you feel it or were you putting more pressure on yourself with each walk?
HANNAH ROGERS:テつ I don't know.テつ I was just letting Coach Walton make the call.テつ I didn't know.

Q.テつ Hannah, in general this season, your ability to bounce back from setbacks, can you address that?
HANNAH ROGERS:テつ Just taking it one pitch at a time and being able to be there for my team and pick them up from a loss.テつ Just taking it one pitch at a time and letting my defense work.テつ Just letting us go out there and let our bats work too?

Q.テつ Lauren, could you talk about going in earlier than you expected to and after the double, really holding them at bay there until the sixth or seventh?
LAUREN HAEGER:テつ Yeah, I mean, Hannah came out great.テつ She was throwing hard.テつ She was hitting her spots and making really good pitches.テつ Sometimes it just don't go your way.テつ Coach said, are you ready?テつ And I was ready.
If you're in relief, you have to be ready from the first inning on, but I thought Hannah came out great though.

Q.テつ Kelsey, what did you get the sense from the dugout?テつ You're down 0‑3 right out of the box.テつ What did you sense at that time?
KELSEY STEWART:テつ I thought we could come back.テつ No one was down on each other.テつ We came back from bigger upsets than this, so three runs really isn't anything.

Q.テつ Could you talk about your decision to pull her, and when you get it to 3‑2, the momentum had changed, and the two errors lit the fuse for them?
COACH WALTON:テつ Yeah, we had already talked to the staff that we were prepared to have the staff split it and have Hannah go four or five and Lauren finish it out.テつ Lauren's success previous to this really made us feel confident that we had two pitchers capable of limiting Tennessee.
I didn't think that we could go with one pitcher the whole game anyway with the adjustments that they had met, the amount of times they'd seen her and things like that.テつ So for me, Hannah was throwing some good pitches and that many walks to a team like that, I just don't feel like we can overcome a huge number.テつ We had to try to change up the look as soon as possible.

Q.テつ You sat in that same spot yesterday and talked about pitching and defense being what you need to have here.テつ Any explanation on how those two things abandoned you guys?
COACH WALTON:テつ No, I give Tennessee more credit than anything.テつ They're a good ballclub.テつ For us, we've been doing it like this all year long in the same kind of way.テつ We still left nine runners on base.テつ Those are the key facts.テつ Getting opportunities, though they're not singles and doubles, we're still getting on base and finding ways to do some things to give our offense a chance to turn the lineup over.
But, again, I give Tennessee more credit than I take away from us.テつ I thought they looked like the better ballclub today from start to finish.

Q.テつ This is for the World Herald in Omaha.テつ Two‑part question:テつ Your team's been on a roll since the SEC Tournament.テつ How do you think this team has been able to handle the adversity that's come their way this season?テつ And secondly, even though you haven't played Nebraska in a couple of years, what are the characteristics of a Nebraska team?
COACH WALTON:テつ I don't know anything about Nebraska right now.テつ I haven't seen them.テつ So I couldn't really respond on that.テつ I just know that typically Coach Revelle has a great, energetic, high‑energy team and plays hard from start to finish.テつ They're always well‑coached.テつ Lori Sippel does a great job with the pitching staff, so I know they'll be ready to go.
As for the adversity of the season, we haven't gone through a whole lot of adversity this season, to be honest with you.テつ This team has lost first games in series, and found a way to bounce back.テつ We've taken every series all year long.テつ We've lost the Friday night game of a three‑game series and found a way to bounce back, make adjustments and do things.
At the World Series, you don't get an opportunity to lose two games.テつ So you have to make sure you come out, you're ready to go and play like it's your last.

Q.テつ Lauren, what do you see from this team in the next day and a half getting ready to play in that game?
LAUREN HAEGER:テつ I see nothing different.テつ We came out ready to play.テつ I know it's a lot of our first times being here.テつ It was a little nerve‑racking at first.テつ But now that we've all been there, I think we're going to come out with the same fire that we have all season.テつ We're a team that never dies and we never quit.
We have so much fight and so much heart and we back each other up 100%, and I think that really helps us a lot.テつ I think we have a lot of confidence that we can bounce back from this.

Q.テつ Are you going to start Hannah in the next game?
COACH WALTON:テつ Yeah, absolutely.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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