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May 29, 2013

Roy Hibbert

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

Q.テつ How much are you anticipating Miami making adjustments here in Game 5 after what happened last night game?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ You know, we expect them to.テつ They're going to make adjustments.テつ But I think our adjustments are preemptive if they make adjustments.テつ So we're thinking ahead.
It's going to be a tough game tomorrow, but we're up for it.

Q.テつ In that regard are you maybe a little surprised they haven't had Bosh in the post more?テつ And would you expect they may try some of that?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ I mean, I'm ready for that.テつ David is ready for it.テつ He's a tremendous post threat, and he's also a tremendous threat from the three‑point line and further out.テつ Whatever they throw at us, we're going to try to do as much as possible.

Q.テつ At this point how much can they throw at you guys?テつ We'll find out?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ Yeah, we'll soon find out.

Q.テつ How much fun are you having, seeing your game sort of come to fruition here in this series?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ I'm just trying to go out there and be solid.テつ Just play defense, help out as much possible with Paul and LeBron and D‑Wade.テつ Just try to be at the right spots at the right time.

Q.テつ When you hear you're the first guy to have three straight 20‑10 games in the playoffs since Dirk Nowitzki, what does that do for you?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ I didn't even know that.

Q.テつ Well, it's true.
ROY HIBBERT:テつ Working hard and trying to do my part.テつ Whatever happens, happens.テつ I know I'm not going to have big nights like that all the time.
If I can get 10 and 10 and have it be an effective 10 and 10, I'm fine with that.

Q.テつ Getting him in foul trouble last night was definitely key.テつ How much do you plan on trying to make that happen again?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ Just try to be aggressive, and whatever happens happens.テつ But just being always on the go, always attacking is our mindset.テつ Games we don't do that, when we're tentative, we falter a little bit.

Q.テつ How much of a grind is a series like this when it's a game here, travel, game there, travel.
ROY HIBBERT:テつ It's been like that since the end of our Atlanta series.テつ Every other day we had a game.テつ Our bodies are just getting used to this routine.テつ I've been taking care, getting rest, eating the right stuff.
I embrace this challenge to play against the Heat.テつ It also goes hand in hand with the travel, the getting the rest, all the extra stuff that happens.

Q.テつ Every game has an entirely new level of magnitude now.テつ Each one you play goes up a level.テつ When you're in that situation, do you force yourself to think about it?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ (Indiscernible) draw everything out.テつ So I just feel like it's just five guys on the court who are trying to be one, and everything else is just‑‑ I black that all out.テつ I try to be in the zone as much as possible.

Q.テつ Why has this team developed a mindset of‑‑ you said last night you're just relentless.
ROY HIBBERT:テつ We don't want to go home.テつ Miami is one of the best teams besides obviously San Antonio.テつ And we know we have an uphill battle.テつ We all believed since day 1 that we're the type of team that‑‑ how far we can go.テつ We trust each other.テつ We love each other.テつ We like being around each other.テつ We just grew that love for each other.
This is the first team probably that I really feel that way about.テつ Every person on this team wants to win.テつ I would say even last year there were some‑‑ not bad seeds, but there were some people that weren't about winning.

Q.テつ Does Game 5 simply boil down to the basics, win the paint, win the boards‑‑
ROY HIBBERT:テつ I guess it felt like that, looking at it.テつ At this point in time they know we're going to run.テつ We know they're going to run.テつ It's just a matter of who wants it more.テつ Last night we wanted it more.テつ So we'll see how that goes tomorrow.

Q.テつ How much do you recognize the Pacers' advantage in the paint and the necessity to take advantage of that?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ If I have it going, I feel like‑‑ I just try to take good shots, don't overthink and try to force things.テつ And if David has it going, we keep it going.テつ To me to try to create offensive rebounds, second‑chance attempts for us.テつ That's how I get myself going sometimes when I have a slow start.

Q.テつ Obviously this series for you guys has been mainly about the starters.テつ Frank is relying heavily on you guys.テつ But it seems like the guys that have come in off the bench have done essentially what you need them to do.テつ Are you getting a lift in a way from them?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ Tell you the truth last year we had‑‑ playing against the Heat, the starting five would come out‑‑ I don't want to bash the bench we had last year.テつ Obviously I appreciate everything they did, and most‑‑ some of them are back.
We would be up, and then we would come back in the game and we would only be up 2 or‑‑ we may be up 4 and then the bench would come in and we would be down eight.テつ Started to need some rest.
This group, for the minutes they're playing, they're playing great.テつ They're doing the best they can, and we appreciate it.

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