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May 27, 2013

Quincy Pondexter


San Antonio – 93
Memphis ‑ 86

Q.  Obviously it's a very disappointing ending, but going farther than you ever have, is there anything that you guys learned from this experience, seeing a team that's been there so many times?
QUINCY PONDEXTER:  I just think we learned that winning isn't easy, and winning championships is one of the hardest things you can possibly do.  I think our guys really dug deep to get as far as we did, and San Antonio is a tremendous team, and we're going to take a couple pages out of their book and move on, and hopefully we do a lot better next year.

Q.  You had 18 of your 22 in the second half.  Tough to have one of your best nights in the league on a night where you get swept out?
QUINCY PONDEXTER:  Man, I've said this before, and I'm honest to God with this, I would give away all my points for a win.  That's how I was raised.  That's how I've been all my life.  I don't care if I had a good game, I really don't.  I just hurt that our team isn't advancing and I can't play any more games with these guys this year.

Q.  What was kind of the mood in the huddle, the frustration level as you'd get it to three, get it close, and then they seemed to always have the little push to get it back to six, seven, eight.
QUINCY PONDEXTER:  Man, they were hitting so many tough shots at moments where we needed to make a push, and it seemed like they had an answer for every run that we were making.  Like I said, they're a championship team.  They've been there before.  They have great, great veterans, Hall of Famers on their roster, and they're a great team.  I wish the best for them going forward.

Q.  You said you can learn a lot from the Spurs.  Anything in particular you're referring to?
QUINCY PONDEXTER:  Their ball movement and attention to detail was superior.  They moved the ball really efficiently.  They have Ginobili and Parker and Duncan, all those guys are really unselfish, and the way they play basketball is the way the game should be played.  Defensively they were really doing a great job of making guys beat us, making guys from our perimeter who they didn't think could shoot as well beat us.  They took the ball out of Marc and Zach's hands a lot of times.  They're a great team, great team.

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