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May 27, 2013

Udonis Haslem


Q.テつ The last couple of days you've been sort of wondering what's wrong with me, not hitting that jumpshot.テつ How much vindication was it last night to do what you did?
UDONIS HASLEM:テつ I just do what I'm called upon to do.テつ I don't take very many shots.テつ Sometimes it's not about shots for me.テつ Sometimes it's about defensive rebounding.
I took seven shots in the first two games, about three and a half shots per game.テつ It's really unfair to judge off that.テつ There's other ways you can impact the game.
Last night I was called upon to make shots, and I made them.テつ The other night it might have been a different role I might have to play.テつ People just have to get used to that.

Q.テつ Which way are you going to go in Game 4, then?
UDONIS HASLEM:テつ I don't know.テつ We'll see how they play.テつ I've got to continue to look for my shot, continue to shoot with confidence.テつ Regardless of that, I have to impact the game, regardless of whether it's making shots or whether it's rebounding, defense, or whatever the situation may be.

Q.テつ You do expect them to come out and get you though?
UDONIS HASLEM:テつ I don't know.テつ We'll see.テつ We'll see.テつ Obviously, as the game goes on.テつ But I have to be aggressive regardless of the situation.

Q.テつ Udonis, Hibbert said you were saying something to him as you were making the shots.テつ What were you saying?
UDONIS HASLEM:テつ I don't know.テつ I had my mouthpiece in.テつ It probably sounded like a bunch of jibberish to him.

Q.テつ It felt like watching the game you were just kind of the spark that got this team going.テつ It seemed to everybody once you started hitting the jumper, everybody just started going along with the flow.テつ Do you feel that, that's what the team needed, a quick start early?
UDONIS HASLEM:テつ After the first two games, I kind of got a feel for the way they were playing defense.テつ Coming into Game 3 I just kind of knew what to look for and where to be.テつ And we got‑‑ my teammates got it to me early, and I shot it with confidence.
It's a tribute to my guys.テつ They looked for me.テつ That's what we do.テつ We have confidence in one another to make plays, and they looked for me.

Q.テつ You guys are 6‑0 in your last playoff road games.テつ You guys‑‑ something about the road you guys must enjoy, going into somebody else's building and being able to quiet the crowd.
UDONIS HASLEM:テつ I mean, we have each other.テつ We can't depend on anybody but each other.テつ 15 guys in uniform and the coaches.テつ And that's all we have.テつ And I think when we band together and play with an us‑against‑the‑world mentality and play with a desperate mindset, I feel that's when we play our best basketball.

Q.テつ As much as you like having the 20,000 behind you, is it more satisfying to quiet 20,000 on the road?
UDONIS HASLEM:テつ It's just satisfying to get a win in the playoffs, period.テつ It's so tough to get a win in the playoffs.テつ Not just in the playoffs, but on the road against a tough, tough, tough team.
We'll take it.テつ We go into the next game looking to make adjustments.テつ Obviously they're going to make adjustments.テつ We play the way we're capable of playing.

Q.テつ You mentioned the confidence the guys have in you.テつ As a player, though, when you don't maybe hit a shot for a game or two, but you still have your team's confidence, what does that do for you, do you think, in being able to bounce back, knowing they believe in you?
UDONIS HASLEM:テつ I mean, it feels good.テつ My role is my role.テつ I do what I have to do to help us win.テつ Last night it was making shots.

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