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May 27, 2013

George Hill


Q.テつ (Indiscernible)?
GEORGE HILL:テつ Just continue to make the jumpshots.テつ I feel like that's something in the offense that we kind of gave up.テつ That's the thing that you kind of live and die by.
Just try to make it tough for them at the basket.テつ Don't overcompensate on them making shots, and play good team defense.

Q.テつ LeBron down low in the post made it look real easy.テつ What kind of adjustments can you do to help Paul George out?
GEORGE HILL:テつ Just try to help him out as much as possible.テつ I feel like we kind of left him on the island a little bit.テつ We're a team that's not used to double‑teaming in the post.テつ And things like that.
Try to over‑help.テつ But knowing we can't leave him down there by himself on the island with 10 or 11 dribbles to get to the basket.テつ Just try to take his rhythm away and make it tough on him.

Q.テつ How tough is it to bounce back after a game like last night?テつ A lot of people are wondering, you've been able to do it all year.
GEORGE HILL:テつ First thing you have to do is just forget about the game before.テつ Focus on Game 4.テつ That's the only thing that matters.テつ And don't dwell on it.テつ Move on and continue to play good, solid basketball like we've been playing all year.

Q.テつ As a prideful defense, to see 70 in a quarter, now that you've digested it, what do you think about it?
GEORGE HILL:テつ I don't remember it now.テつ I went to sleep.テつ I had some Nyquil and stuff.テつ I really don't remember the 70 points. テつThat's not our defense.テつ Everyone knows that.
I just feel like they were clicking on all cylinders last night, and it made it very tough for us.テつ But again, we have to come together as a team, buckle down and kind of take their rhythm away.

Q.テつ Do you think they played with a sense of urgency last night?
GEORGE HILL:テつ Definitely so.テつ That's how good teams bounce back after losses.テつ And I'm sure we'll try to bounce back the same way after this loss.テつ They did what a great team is going to do.テつ They're a championship team for a reason.テつ We have to carry ourselves like that now.

Q.テつ You guys hadn't lost at home.テつ Does that take any chink out of your armor at all?
GEORGE HILL:テつ No, it's only one loss.テつ One loss don't mean anything.テつ Still a long series.テつ It's only 2‑1.テつ It's a seven‑game series.テつ Not a one‑game series.テつ The only thing we have to focus on right now is winning Game 4.

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