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May 26, 2013

Marc Warren


Q.  First of all, congratulations on a fine championship, tell us how you felt out there today?
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, very good, looking back, starting the day, it's never really in your hands, especially with guys like Lee Westwood in front of you.  Put together a really good back nine with not a lot on the front nine to give myself a chance of winning.

Q.  13, run us by that, holing that wedge shot.
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, it was a good number but I thought I would lay up out of the bunker.  Just landed on a perfect number for the gap wedge and I was asking for it to cut a little bit in the air, but maybe a little bit of ground fed or something, I couldn't see it go in.

Q.  You went so close last year Castle Stuart in your open National Championship and close this week, it's getting closer, when is it going to happen for you?
MARC WARREN:  In Spain a few weeks ago, as well.  This is the closest I've actually been in a playoff, and the other two occasions, I felt as if I probably gave those away.  This time, I didn't do that.
On 18 in the playoff, I had hit 3‑ or 4‑iron all week, and we thought in the playoff, the guys are going to go for it so had to go for it, and unfortunately the tee shots was either five yards too far short or too far right and that was the end of that.¬† I've done absolutely nothing wrong this week, and it's all positives and looking forward to my next event.

Q.  So close, describe your emotions at having come within a whisker of this title.
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, it's mixed emotions probably, a lot of pride and a really good week, a positive week, and put myself in contention again.  Getting in a playoff this time, so getting closer.

Q.  We thought and you thought probably with that holed shot at 13, it might have been your time.  Take us through that one.
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, the second shot, I had a really good lie in the bunker and just tried to do too much with it and got a good break, actually, coming out of the bunker after hitting the lip.
And then what happened after that was pretty special, especially probably the busiest hole with the crowds and everything there and there was a great roar and great reception when I got to the green.

Q.  You got so close at the Scottish and Spanish last year, and you were off the Tour for a while; what's kept you believing?
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, a couple years ago, I actually changed coach roundabout that time and just after that, just lost my card.  It was to be more consistent; twice in the last four weeks, I've been really in with a chance to win, a playoff, and Spain probably should have done a bit better there.  There's huge positives and that's why I made those changes is to be in this position more often.

Q.  When you saw that Simon was already in at 10 and you were already at 10, going to 17 and 18, do you feel like this was your tournament?
MARC WARREN:  You know, Matteo Manassero, who I was playing with, was 10, as well and I thought it was going to be one of us, I thought one of us would birdie one or two holes coming in.  We both gave ourselves good chances, good looks at 4s but unfortunately didn't hole the putts.

Q.  Do you take positives away from the week or negatives that you didn't get it after coming so close?
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, I think huge positives for me.  You come so close and not win; and not winning, it's disappointing.  But the positives are that I was there in that position again, and I didn't do anything wrong.  It was all good, played a lot of good golf, gave myself a good chance on 17, 18.  17, thought I hit a really good putt there.
Looking back it's going to be a twinge of disappointment, such a huge championship for us overall a hugely positive week.

Q.  Your verdict, please.
MARC WARREN: ¬†Close but no cigar probably.¬† You know, going to the playoff with my previous record in playoffs, I was actually looking forward to it.¬† I felt as if I could get the job done but change of game plan and 18 didn't quite work out, but that probably felt worse, hitting 4‑iron and making 5 after two guys had made 4.

Q.  Looking back at the back nine in regulation, the way you started that, you would have thought anything could happen.
MARC WARREN:¬† Yeah, the old famous saying, how the tournament starts the back nine on Sunday and I started with four birdies.¬† Definitely needed that obviously to get myself back into the tournament.¬† I didn't know at that time Lee Westwood had kind of dropped a couple shots but I had not looked at a board for a few holes and I thought he'd be probably 12‑under or something after the start he got to.
But got to 14 green and was one ahead and was quite comfortable with that and felt as though I played good golf coming in.

Q.  Spain was emotional, and looks like you're taking this on the chin.
MARC WARREN:¬† Spain was obviously a lot more disappointing.¬† Had a putt to get into the playoff and didn't take it.¬† Scottish Open last year, I had about‑‑ well, it was about 40 feet, 50 feet to get into the playoff and didn't hole it.
Today, Matteo, I had a putt to put pressure on him and unfortunately neither of us holed it.  Nothing but positives to take from this.

Q.¬† Just wanted to check, on the playoff hole was that driver or 3‑wood?
MARC WARREN:¬† I hit 3‑wood the first time.¬† Obviously thought it was right, wasn't sure, we were waiting on a signal to tell us if it was okay or not.¬† If I was either five yards too far right or five yards short, been okay.¬† Hit a provisional and hit it really good and seen where that went‑‑

Q.  What was that you hit?
MARC WARREN:¬† That was a 3‑wood.¬† I seen where that went and I thought, well, I can hit driver.¬† Thought it was going to be perfect.

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