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May 26, 2013

Frank Vogel


Q.テつ How is Sam?
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ Sam is fine.テつ He's going to be a little sore, but our trainer said just to proceed like nothing ever happened.

Q.テつ Are you expecting big crowd at the 500 Indy event?
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ Big crowd here tonight or carry‑over?

Q.テつ Yeah.
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ Yeah, both.テつ This is standing room only.テつ It's going to be the best crowd this building has seen in quite some time.テつ Probably since The Finals.

Q.テつ What was your reaction to the flagrant being issued to Wade?
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ No real reaction.テつ I don't think anybody, myself included, wants anybody on either team suspended from this series.テつ I think everybody wants to see both teams full strength slug it out.テつ Myself included.

Q.テつ You know what Miami is going to get out of their big three.テつ Now that one of their role players had a big game like Birdman did in Game 1, do you have to limit them like in Game 2?
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ It's important.テつ I don't really know how we did it with the Birdman.テつ He got a lot of stuff with the paint drives and the extra pass.テつ Their three‑point shooters‑‑ I call it the big four.テつ Their three‑point‑shooting support system is the fourth of the big four.テつ If you help off any of their Hall‑of‑Famers, they burn you from the three‑point line.
So I think limiting that is every bit as important as limiting each of the big three.

Q.テつ Coach, you have guys played two excellent ballgames, and obviously you lost one of them.テつ Now that you're back at home, what do you have to do to be able to continue to do the same thing?
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ The only difference for us at home tonight is we have to manage our adrenaline better than we did in some of the playoff games last year.テつ I thought we were so amped up, I thought we played a little recklessly.テつ We can't do that tonight.テつ We have to understand that as well as we played in Game 1 and Game 2, we have to play better tonight because this team has proven it can respond to losses better than any team going.
So this is going to be the biggest game of the series tonight.テつ So we're going to have to play even better.

Q.テつ Do you think the experience of the first two games for your younger guys in Miami maybe helps to control themselves tonight?
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ I think so.テつ But what I think it is, I think they have to recognize the difference in poise and composure.テつ There's a different kind of poise and composure required at home than there is on the road.テつ On the road the crowd is going nuts when things aren't going well.テつ Here you want to go and your adrenaline is just going crazy because things are going well for you.テつ That's when you've got to maintain that poise.テつ It's a different kind of poise and composure.

Q.テつ Is there any way to know how your guys will react?テつ They don't all react the same, obviously.テつ The stakes keep getting higher.
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ I don't think there's any way to know, but all signs that I've seen indicate that these guys are just going to get better and better as the moment gets greater and greater.テつ That's a fun thing to be a part of.

Q.テつ What's your message been to Lance Stephenson the last couple of days?
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ Just bounce back from the Game 1 with a solid Game 2, and to just continue to play assertively without being reckless.
He's a key to our team.テつ We can't have him passive with the basketball.テつ We can't have him passive off the basketball.テつ We are limited when he is that way.テつ He's got to be in the killer instinct mode at all times and then make great decisions late.

Q.テつ Did you feel like he started to be a little passive, and more importantly, with his jumpshot?
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ I thought he was really passive off the ball in Game 1.テつ Less so in Game 2, off the ball.テつ Not cutting, not crashing, not looking for his shot.テつ That sort of thing.

Q.テつ One of the areas Miami has hurt you, it's surprising they have had success on the offensive glass.テつ Is that something you have kind of given up in the scheme or is it something you're really worried about?
COACH FRANK VOGEL:テつ One of the most unique sort of attacks that I've ever witnessed, I have ever gone against, when you count how many times tonight‑‑ there's five offensive players on the court and not one of them is inside the three‑point line.テつ That's unique.テつ That doesn't mean they're going to say, we're not going to crash.テつ They're all crashing from the three‑point line.
That's a unique challenge in terms of your box‑out assignments, where you don't know which of those five guys is coming.テつ Are they coming from the corner?テつ Are they coming from the top of the key?テつ They're coming from everywhere.テつ All five guys have to be of the mindset that they have to block out their man from the three‑point line.テつ It's different.

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