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May 26, 2013

Duffy Waldorf


Q.テつ 6‑under, top‑10 finish for you.テつ Talk about your play today.
DUFFY WALDORF:テつ Well let's start off today.テつ It was interesting, I played probably my worst tee to green, but I putted a lot better and scrambled well and things didn't go well at the start but I had a really good back side and holed a shot on 17 which made a big difference.
So all in all it was a really good week.テつ It was an up‑and‑down week overall and a lot of roller coaster rides and today was no different.テつ After the first day, it was, I was no Steady Eddie, so I made it very exciting the last three days, but very happy with the finish.

Q.テつ Talk about the finish.テつ All the birdies there.テつ You had one bogey on the front.
DUFFY WALDORF:テつ Front I couldn't get it going.テつ Didn't get a lot of close shots.テつ I wasn't having a lot of birdie opportunities.
And then the back, a little better shot making, but the putter just got rolling.テつ I made a nice putt on number 11 to get me going and then followed up with a good putt on 12, then hit a good shot on 13, and then to top it off I holed my fourth shot from the fairway on 17 from about a hundred yards for another birdie.

Q.テつ What's the feeling, what kind of feeling do you have when you hole a shot from that far out?
DUFFY WALDORF:テつ I don't know.テつ It doesn't happen very often.テつ It's only happened a few times in my life.テつ It's total euphoria, total relief.テつ You think you're going to be making five or six and to make a four, you just feel like, you just erased all the bad shots that you hit, the three bad shots that you hit before that and it's all made better.

Q.テつ Talk about your experience this whole week end here in St. Louis.
DUFFY WALDORF:テつ Well, St. Louis has been great.テつ The course, I love the course, it was, the thing was that I felt like it changed every day and that was the real challenge this week was different wind, different playing conditions, speed of the greens, firmness, the whole thing was just a real challenge.
Also with the lies.テつ The Zoysia is very tricky, can be difficult around the greens and really it was all about adjusting to the conditions each day, each hole that you played and, but coming to St. Louis is hard to beat.テつ You can't beat St. Louis weather. テつThey told me it was hot here.テつ It's perfect.

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