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May 26, 2013

Mike Conley, Jr.


Q.  Two overtime losses, the thought being that they've been so close, does that make it a little easier going into tomorrow night to get one win?
MIKE CONLEY:  Well, it just makes us understand that we still could have won those games.  It could easily be 2‑1 in our favor, and we should be confident enough in ourselves and believe in ourselves that we can win and extend the series one game at a time.

Q.  Lionel said that he wants you all to tune out people like us who say no team has ever done it down 3‑0 and come back.  The idea, though, that somebody is going to end up doing it for the first time, might as well be you?
MIKE CONLEY:  Why not.  We've made a lot of history just here in Memphis, and it would be great to make history in the league in that aspect.  We've got to keep it one game at a time.  Our backs are against the wall so we have nothing to lose at this point, so we'll just go out there and play.

Q.  Coming into the series it was talked about your youth against their experience.  Do they seem to be not as fatigued as your team is?
MIKE CONLEY:  Well, I think both teams are fatigued but I think they've executed better down the stretch.  They've been able to still be mentally in the game regardless of the fatigue, which shows their experience, shows that they've been there before and done that, and I think we're learning each game.

Q.  Talk about the pride factor to not get swept on your own court.
MIKE CONLEY:  Well, we have a lot of pride.  We have a lot of pride in this team, in this city.  It's more than just basketball here, and we owe it to ourselves, owe it to the fans to not get swept and get embarrassed on our home court.

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