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May 26, 2013

Tony Allen


Q.  What's the frustration level from last night?
TONY ALLEN:  Down three games, it's not a good feeling.  Definitely don't want to be in that situation, but unfortunately I am, and we've got to claw our way out of this.

Q.  How do you do that?
TONY ALLEN:  We've just got to be solid for 48 minutes on the offensive end and the defensive end.  But I believe we've got the guys capable of doing it, so I'm just looking forward to coming in here Game 4 and just giving 110 percent and just taking it one possession at a time.  We can't even the series in one play.  We've got to do it for 48 minutes.

Q.  Do you have to guard against the feeling that the series is over?
TONY ALLEN:  No.  Like I said, just take it one possession at a time, one game at a time.  We can't get more specific.  It's one possession at a time.  Each possession counts.  Our backs are against the wall, and we've got to come out and compete for 48 minutes.

Q.  You kept the back door closed most of the year.  What happened on those two plays with Ginobili, they were crucial in regulation.  He got loose underneath.
TONY ALLEN:  The back door, that wasn't me‑‑

Q.  I was asking you as‑‑
TONY ALLEN:  We didn't watch film today, but it was a great play Pop drew up.  I kind of saw it coming back.  I saw Tony Parker wasn't aggressive and I saw Tim Duncan in the corner and Ginobili had come up in the loop action and he faked a back door.  That was a big play for them.  We've got to have our antennas up down the stretch, and I think going into Game 4 we'll have that.

Q.  Did you feel like your team was more tired and winded than they were down the stretch?
TONY ALLEN:  No, I just think it's a battle.  Both teams were winded.  Both teams were just battling.  Unfortunately on some possessions we looked a little fatigued, but for the most part we clawed in and evened the game up, and they just were better down the stretch.

Q.  Is there an awareness that this could be the last game of the year?
TONY ALLEN:  Yeah, yeah, that's the obvious.  But I just believe if we go out and just stick to taking it one possession at a time and making sure every possession counts and holding our hats on the defensive end like we've been doing, I think everything will take care of itself.

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