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May 26, 2013

Kawhi Leonard


Q.テつ Have you ever read that before or noticed it?
KAWHI LEONARD:テつ I haven't seen it in the locker room.

Q.テつ When Tim is being more aggressive at the offensive end, do you just sort of focus on the other things that you can do like rebounding?テつ You had 11 boards last night.
KAWHI LEONARD:テつ It's just how the game plays out, really.テつ If he's rolling, I guess we're going to keep giving him the ball.テつ I don't think about it.テつ I'm just out there playing, just playing basketball trying to win the game, and how the results come out, that's how they come out.テつ As long as we win, I'm happy.

Q.テつ What do you try to do in your defensive match‑up when Pop puts you on Mike Conley?
KAWHI LEONARD:テつ Just try to stay with him.テつ He's a good scorer and he can pass the ball well, too, to the bigs they have on the team.テつ Just try to stay close, try to contest his shots.

Q.テつ When you went on him last night you got the back to back turnovers, I think it was in the second quarter.テつ The one ended up with the dunk by you on the other end.テつ Do you just try to get your hands on the ball or what?
KAWHI LEONARD:テつ Like I said, I was just trying to make passing angles for him.テつ He really can pass it, as well.テつ I was in the passing lane so I got my fingertip on the ball and I was able to come out with a steal.

Q.テつ Do you track your percentages from the corner versus not the corner?テつ Do you know what your percentages are?
KAWHI LEONARD:テつ No, I don't track them.テつ I'm just shooting the ball out there, just letting it go.

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