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May 25, 2013

Marc Warren


Q.  3‑under through seven, tell us what you were thinking and feeling at that stage?
MARC WARREN:  The first two days, I felt as if I wasn't in complete control of my swing, so was keeping it in play off the tee and stuff.  I noticed this morning, I thought one or two things, basically ball position in the setup and moving back a foot and having more of a draw and got off to a flyer on every shot.
Hit a lovely 5‑iron to the flag at the first, could have been a great start, but still 3‑under through six or seven holes is a very good start.

Q.  How do you feel about 70 in the end?  Three par 5s in the back nine and people think you're going to go on from there.
MARC WARREN:  It's a tough course and you can tell some guys had a good back nine, some guys had a good back nine.  It's tough to keep everything going here, with the wind right below tiers and right above tiers.  It's tough to hit the ball close.  Had a good chance on 16, unfortunately didn't take that but a good birdie on 17.

Q.  Chances to win last year; have you learned things that you can use tomorrow?
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, definitely.  There's a lot of quality players on that leaderboard as you'd expect with a championship like this.  And again, the back nine tomorrow, I feel as if I'm doing everything well and if I'm in control of my swing the way I was today, I think we're going to have a good chance tomorrow.

Q.  What would it mean to you to win this championship?
MARC WARREN:  It would be huge.  This is our premiere event, this is the biggest event we play; outside the Majors for us, it doesn't get any bigger.  Career‑wise it would mean the world to me.

Q.  Your swing, you just felt good early on today?
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, first two days, I like kind of shooting the ball both ways, and first two days, I was just struggling with where the ball was going to stop.  Felt if I was moving it, but if I was drawing it, it was starting at the flag and drawing it‑‑ fade was starting to fade away.  Felt as if I played away from a few flags, and just kept it in play and being sensible with it.
This morning, just thought of something we had been working on with Pete and how to draw the ball, goes back, how to fade, ball goes forward, simple stuff, really.  Gave myself a lot of chances, felt comfortable all the way around.

Q.  I think you said to us a couple of weeks ago, maybe not a bad idea not to be in the lead in the last round.
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, Spain, obviously, just saying that after Spain‑‑ the more ahead you can be the better, have a target on your back I suppose.  But yeah, I mean, two behind, I think it's going to be or whatever.  Two behind, it's a good position to be in, and a good front nine tomorrow should be in with a shout.
Conditions compared to the first two days felt a lot easier.  The wind was probably kind of switching about a lot more today which made it tricky, and just some of those pin placements, the back nine, I think I seen Richard had a really good back nine.  He must have hit a lot of really good shots.
It's kind of that‑‑ if you're right on the number, you can hit it close, but if you're a little bit out, is it 14, the par3?  I thought I was in between 7 and 6, and thought I would hit a really good 7, tried a bit aggressive because nothing was really happening at that point.  I hit it just right at the flag, and it ends up top of the tier too long, you kind of go back‑‑ hit a good 3‑iron on the next about 20 feet, same thing, about a yard next to the hole, just little things like that.  Yeah, if you're using the slopes correctly, you can make a lot of birdies.

Q.  What's the plans for tonight?
MARC WARREN:  Just watch the football tonight.

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