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May 25, 2013

Mark O'Meara


Q.テつ Talk about the birdie on 18.
MARK O'MEARA:テつ It was a nice way to finish.テつ Obviously I was fortunate I hit a good drive in the fairway and Shane, I had like 180 or something, but it was a little downwind and I was thinking between six and seven and he felt like a big seven, because it looked short.
Fortunately, I hit a good solid shot and left it about 18 feet left of the hole and ran that putt in.テつ So that was a nice way to finish.
I made about a 12‑footer for birdie on 14 after the delay having to go out.テつ And that was my first actual shot was a putt.テつ And I made that.
So overall 3‑under was a good score.テつ I played better today, I didn't play great, but I played better.テつ I had some opportunities that I missed, but it's never bad shooting 3‑under on a course like this.

Q.テつ How do you feel going into tomorrow?
MARK O'MEARA:テつ The way I felt, the last month I've been battling a little bit of a virus or I don't know what I've had, but it's been kind of a drag, and I haven't felt really up to snuff with my health this week.テつ But hopefully tomorrow I'll feel a little bit better and I can get out there and play a good solid round and see what happens.

Q.テつ Did the rain have any impact on the last couple holes?
MARK O'MEARA:テつ Not really.テつ No.テつ It didn't get enough rain really to make that big a difference.

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