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May 24, 2013

Roy Hibbert


Indiana Pacersテつテつテつテつ 97
Miami Heatテつテつテつテつ 93

Q.テつ Roy, can you take us through the two possessions defensively at the end of the game where LeBron James had the ball at the top, seeing the whole court, and usually is able to find exactly the right cut, exactly the right play, and you guys thwarted him both times.テつ How did you do that?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ You know, we stress containment and we learned from Game 1.テつ Paul did a good job of keeping him in front.テつ And we shrunk the lane.テつ We said we're just not going to give him easy shots.テつ Luckily David was able to get a hand on some of those passes, and George hit some really big free‑throws.

Q.テつ Roy, how fitting is this that a year ago you win Game 2 in this building, you go home, you have a chance to really take control of the series.テつ How fitting you're right back in the same place again, as you head back there with the series tied in your home court and going your way?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ It's a nice win.テつ It's good to split.テつ And we haven't done anything yet.テつ We haven't closed the series out.テつ We won one game.テつ A lot of us feel we should be up 2‑0 obviously with the last play of Game 1.
But we're a tough‑it‑out team.テつ We learned from last year.テつ We learned from Game 1.テつ We're a growing and evolving team.テつ I think our defense really won us the game for us.
And we stayed calm.テつ They hit big threes.テつ They had amazing dunks.テつ They had great plays.テつ But we didn't waver.テつ We stuck together.テつ We didn't start complaining.テつ A lot of times teams just start buckling, and we've been through the wringer before.テつ We're young guys, but we know what we're doing.

Q.テつ Roy, can you compare the physicality and the chippiness in this series with the New York series and the Atlanta series?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ To tell you the truth, I embrace that, just seeing us getting techs and still being up and still fighting, and Coach Shaw getting a tech, I relish that stuff.テつ We like physical play.テつ We don't complain.テつ We're not going to back down.テつ They could be the champs, but we're coming for them.

Q.テつ Can you talk about just the team defensive approach over the last six minutes and nine seconds, you guys held them to one field goal, got the turnovers on LeBron.テつ What was the approach in the middle?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ Trying to protect the paint as much as possible.テつ I don't want to jinx myself, but the best thing for me defensively was Chris Bosh hitting that three in the corner; the next two shots he took were threes, and I contested those, and we were able to get the rebound and go back down.テつ So we limited him to one shot and contain, shrink the lane and make everything over us instead of through us.
I mean, it was a great team effort.

Q.テつ Hey, Roy, a little bit of controversy obviously in Game 1, you not being in there.テつ You seemed to shrug it off and move forward and all that.テつ Take us through the last 48 hours and all that and coming up big tonight.
ROY HIBBERT:テつ I get asked a lot of questions about whether I should be in the game or not, but you never know.テつ Things could have been different.テつ They could have scored.テつ I could have been there to block the shot.テつ They could have run a different play.テつ But you have to let it go and just keep rolling with the punches. テつMiami is such a good team that they have five guys on the court who are deadly, who are basically five perimeter players with Bosh.テつ So you have to let it go and just move on to the next thing.
We're a gritty team.テつ They're at the top.テつ Like I said, we're coming for them.

Q.テつ You might have been asked this already and I missed it:テつ Was there ever any doubt you were going to be in there on the final possession?テつ And what did you see specifically when LeBron got the ball and came down the strong side?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ To me, like I said, we stress being in our gaps, being in the right positions to help.テつ And I wanted to make sure I close the lane off so he doesn't get an easy basket, but also contain where I can get back to Bosh if he tries to shoot a three.
So I mean, those are guard drills.テつ I usually don't do those.テつ I'm always looking, always trying to learn.テつ I was in that position tonight.テつ I just wanted to help out, shrink the lane.
LeBron spun, and I think we got a hand on it, and then we went out and we closed the game out.

Q.テつ Roy, Paul said you were taking your time offensively tonight.テつ Did you feel the game coming to you at a better pace than at Game 1?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ No, I took a lot of shots that I took last time.テつ But I learned my damn lesson, to tell you the truth.テつ Every time I get a rebound, I think I have an easy bucket.テつ And LeBron or D‑Wade comes out of nowhere and blocks my shot.テつ At some point I have to learn‑‑ I went to school for four years at Georgetown, I'm an educated guy.テつ But eventually I learn the pump fake.テつ I'm sure they're going to catch on to that.テつ I may have to go quicker.テつ I may have to go a little bit slower or change things up, left hand and a right hand.
I can adapt.

Q.テつ Can you talk about your teammate David West and his instincts and his will in that situation.テつ In both of those possessions I think he was the one that got the hand on that ball.
ROY HIBBERT:テつ He got the hand on the ball.テつ It was great.テつ The fact is he was guarding Ray Allen and he was able to move his feet.テつ Just to stay in front of Ray and not give him anything easy, obviously Ray is I guess the No. 1 three‑point shooter and everything like that.テつ My knees would be shaking a little bit if I had to guard him.テつ David didn't complain.テつ Didn't try to switch.テつ He manned up, he sacked up.テつ He did what he had to do.テつ You all have a nice night.

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