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May 24, 2013

Matteo Manassero


Q.テつ How do you feel about your position in the tournament after the first two days?
MATTEO MANASSERO:テつ I'm very happy, first of all, to keep going through this day, because I felt very few times this cold on a golf course.テつ It felt really long and it was really hard out there, but I'm happy to manage to have gone under par.
It's probably the biggest I could have done‑‑ I didn't really play that well, but like yesterday, I scrambled a little bit, and I made a few good birdie putts.テつ As I said, I'm happy, happy to be 4‑under after two days.

Q.テつ We can see your breath; that's an indication of how cold it is.テつ How does this compare to some of those coldest, most awkward rounds you've ever played?
MATTEO MANASSERO:テつ Sometimes we play in very, very windy conditions, but at least you only have a sweater on, or just a little bit more.
But today, it was very windy.テつ The wind, because of this low and humid temperature, it's thick, so it affects the ball a lot.テつ It's hard to keep everything warm.テつ My feet are cold, my hands are cold; everything's cold.テつ It's hard to put a good swing on it and do it for five hours in a row.テつ I'd say it's almost impossible.テつ So you have to just stay focused and grind as much as you can.
Of course, 15, I think it's playing like a par 5, so I just hit a poor tee shot and then it happens to make six.テつ I didn't hit a good chip, so I could have done better, but it happens.テつ In a round like this, you can get an awful moment and you lose shots.
But yeah, I'm very happy, because at the end, I was really not finding my swing and I was really struggling, so I'm happy to finish with four on the last.

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