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May 24, 2013

Mark Foster


Q.テつ No bogeys, pretty special, wasn't it?
MARK FOSTER:テつ Yeah, I was solid yesterday.テつ It was one of those days, I was hitting off the middle of the club and aim for the middle of the greens which is what you do here.テつ Really solid day and obviously a good score in those conditions.

Q.テつ A couple over today early on; what was the key to the recovery?
MARK FOSTER:テつ Short game.テつ Been doing a lot of work but it was better today.テつ You need it in these conditions and it turned up for once.テつ You know, you could easily make two bogeys on those early holes.テつ You get onto 14 and you know you have a tough time ahead but stayed good mentally and short game was there and was able to knock a few in.

Q.テつ Shot a good score but can you enjoy it out there or is it just a grind.
MARK FOSTER:テつ You know you're going well and you're pleased with yourself but you're in and out of the umbrella, trying to dry the clubs, you don't enjoy it in weather like this.テつ But you know you're going well and you appreciate the position you're in.

Q.テつ Thoughts on your position over two wet and miserable days?
MARK FOSTER:テつ Yeah, obviously I'm really pleased with my position.テつ Was just asked a question whether you can enjoy it or not and I don't think you can in those conditions.テつ It's just tough and you've got to get on with it, same as always.テつ It was nice to be in a good groove, Marc was going well and he drove me along a little bit and I found some momentum a little bit.

Q.テつ You just dig in and grind it out, don't you?
MARK FOSTER:テつ That's easy to say, though, when you're doing well but I was 2‑over after three and had to have a little talk with myself.テつ Got a lot of holes ahead and my short game was around to save when I needed and I was pleased it was there.

Q.テつ You've played here for quite some years; is this the worst of conditions?
MARK FOSTER:テつ Yeah, I think for two days, definitely.テつ I remember playing one Sunday when it was horrific like this, but I think this is the worst two days we've had here for sure.

Q.テつ A difficult track regardless, isn't it?
MARK FOSTER:テつ I think on a calm day it still gets your attention.テつ But what you can't see out there is the wind.テつ I had a 75‑yard shot into 17 on a left‑to‑right wind and it went‑‑ the wind just comes in and if it swirls around, you can't control that.テつ Next thing you feel the wind going behind you, it takes your ball off and it can make you look quite foolish out there a couple of times.

Q.テつ Always hard to second guess but you finished just as the heavens have opened a bit more; I daresay that makes your score all the better to stand the test of time.
MARK FOSTER:テつ Yeah, it's going to be right where I want to be at the weekend.テつ On the last tee they said there was going to be a storm, so we were literally sprinting down the last.テつ I don't see one so close, but yeah, exactly where you want to be.

Q.テつ Sprinting?テつ Literally running?
MARK FOSTER:テつ No, but we played a lot quicker on the 18th once we got news of that.

Q.テつ What's the best you've done around here?
MARK FOSTER:テつ I think mid 30s, which is quite a solid week.テつ But it's a place I've never done any good and it's a place I always come here and feel it suits my game.
So I come here every year with the same optimism and for once, I actually played all right.

Q.テつ And part of that discussion then for discussing what you've done in the past, that was May of‑‑
MARK FOSTER:テつ Yeah, I think it's quite easy to do.テつ I think I'm over‑prepared for this event and that's something I haven't done this year.テつ So far, so good.

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