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May 24, 2013

Francesco Molinari


STEVE TODD:テつ Thanks for joining us, I nice to get in the warmth, I'm sure, tough conditions today on a tough course, but you seemed to cope pretty well.テつ You must be pretty happy with that round.
FRANCESCO MOLINARI:テつ Yeah, really happy with yesterday and today.テつ I think this morning the greens were a bit better, rolling a bit better.テつ Obviously conditions were quite tough.テつ But I'm hitting the ball well off the tee and with the irons, I'm getting a few chances and the putter is working, as well.テつ So really happy where I am at the moment.
STEVE TODD:テつ You touched on, I know you've been doing a little bit of work on that with Jamie Spence, can you just talk about the processes you've been going through.
FRANCESCO MOLINARI:テつ We haven't done much to be honest.テつ We just started three weeks ago and just wanted to try something a little bit different.テつ I think obviously Mark Roe has helped me a lot in the last couple of years, and Jamie maybe with the final touch, and we'll see, yeah, it's feeling good at the moment.
STEVE TODD:テつ And just talk a little about your position on the leaderboard.テつ It's obviously a good start to the tournament in general.
FRANCESCO MOLINARI:テつ Yeah, well I don't know where I'm going to be tonight, but I think 6‑under, it's a good score given the conditions and it's obviously a great position going into the weekend.テつ It's a really tough golf course so anyone even six, seven shots behind, is still in it.
So you know, I just have to keep together same and try my best.

Q.テつ When was the last time you played in conditions as tough as this, and how did you play there?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI:テつ I don't know, I don't remember.テつ I try to erase from the memory when the weather is like that.テつ I don't know really.テつ Last year in Scotland comes up to mind because the last round was quite windy and a bit of rain.テつ But obviously I live over here now, so it's been like this most of the winter and kind of used to it now.

Q.テつ Did playing the Match Play help bring back the confidence?テつ Did that help you at all for the rest of the season?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI:テつ I think obviously the start of the season hasn't been as good as I'd hoped for.テつ But since THE PLAYERS, really things have started to feel a bit better.テつ Obviously I missed the cut there, but I actually played quite well.
Last week was another step in the right direction and obviously this week, as well, so far has been coming along nicely.テつ So it's just been a progress in the last three weeks of getting more comfortable and getting a bit of confidence back.

Q.テつ We've talked a lot about the buzz about having all The Ryder Cup players back together.テつ Is that something that you think has perhaps lifted you, as well, especially playing in a stellar group as you did?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI:テつ Well, it's always nice to play with the great players like Lee and Ernie, and it was nice the other night to see all the other guys.テつ But you know, as I said, I think it's been a process in the last three weeks of getting a bit of confidence back, start hitting more good shots, and hopefully, you know, it's the right time of the year to be in good form.テつ So hopefully it keeps going that way.

Q.テつ Are you still a West Ham fan or have you switched to Watford now?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI:テつ No, I'm still a West Ham fan.テつ I've gone to a Watford game the first of January this year and they lost 5 ‑ 3, so I haven't been invited yet.

Q.テつ You're not allowed on Monday?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI:テつ No, I'll stay well away.

Q.テつ It's probably warmer in January.
FRANCESCO MOLINARI:テつ Well, not really.テつ It was‑‑ maybe not as wet but it wasn't any warmer.

Q.テつ Have you played in these cold conditions in a Tour event?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI:テつ Yeah, it happens sometimes.テつ Mainly in the United Kingdom, I don't want to say anything.テつ But the Open at St. George's was pretty bad.テつ So you know, it just happens, but it's the same for everyone.
So I think in some ways for me, it's almost better because it makes it even tougher and if I'm playing well, you know, I hit quite a lot of fairways and greens, so I can take advantage of it.

Q.テつ You played with Lee, I can't remember whether it was Dubai or Abu Dhabi but you won the tournament, and I just wonder‑‑ there's a good omen about playing alongside Lee in a big tournament like this and you come out on top.
FRANCESCO MOLINARI:テつ Well, there's two days ago and he's only I think three shots behind me.テつ Yeah, I like playing with him.テつ We played together one match in Ryder Cup, and I enjoyed it.テつ I think he enjoyed it, too.テつ So, yeah.

Q.テつ When the weather is as bad as this and you've already got your two rounds under the belt, do you sort of look at the players that are out there now and think, bad luck guys?
FRANCESCO MOLINARI:テつ Well, you never know, it might happen, but someone might even shoot 6‑ or 7‑under.テつ There's still‑‑ the setup of the golf course is fair.テつ There are a few tees forward and the flags are not too tricky.テつ So there's still a few birdies out there.テつ Obviously nothing is given, but I'll see where I am tonight.テつ I'm just happy to be at 6‑under and I'm sure it not going to be too far away.
STEVE TODD:テつ Thanks for joining us, Francesco.

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