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May 24, 2013

Eddie Pepperell


Q.テつ That round could have got a way from you after bogeying 13 and 14.テつ Try to describe how it feels to birdie the last four?
EDDIE PEPPERELL:テつ Pretty special.テつ I can't remember the last time I've done that, if I've ever done it.テつ Certainly not in a place like this.テつ So, really special.
Had some good support out there, and they got going and so did I.テつ And the putts, although I was hitting it pretty close to be fair, so the sort of putts you could expect to hole, other than the one on 15, which was a long one.
It was just such a long day.テつ The weather was horrible for the first 10 or 11 and I hung in there really well.テつ A couple of poor holes, bogeying 13 and 4.テつ But just have to hang in there, haven't you on days like this.テつ It's one of them things, and on a tough track like this with conditions, so I'm pleased.

Q.テつ First experience in the BMW PGA Championship, how is it measuring up, your play aside, the rest of the event?
EDDIE PEPPERELL:テつ It's amazing.テつ Fortunate to be here.テつ When the entry lists came out, I didn't think I had a chance if I'm honest, but just great to be here.テつ Yeah, it's probably the best event I've ever been a part of, so it's great.

Q.テつ You like to go for your shots, you like to be aggressive.テつ How do you fancy your chances this weekend of winning this thing?
EDDIE PEPPERELL:テつ It's such a long way to go.テつ I was in contention in Spain, and I think it will be relatively similar in the sense that it's a difficult course.テつ There won't be birdies floating around everywhere.
It's just going to be about playing well, playing sensibly.テつ Although some would view my 5‑wood into the last as not particularly sensible.テつ I said to my caddie, I would go for this every other round of golf; whether I was 10‑over or 10‑under, I would always go for that shot.テつ And I think to change the way you play golf in a new scenario, I don't believe in that.
You just have to go for your shots regardless of the situation.テつ So I'll certainly be going for it but still got a lot of work to do.

Q.テつ That was a hot finish, wasn't it?
EDDIE PEPPERELL:テつ Yeah, it was.テつ It was a great way to finish, definitely.テつ It was such a difficult day.テつ The conditions were dreadful.テつ A finish like that is hard to describe but certainly felt special and the support I got from home, it was just great to get them cheering really.

Q.テつ Tell me a bit more about that, because I saw you walking across the bridge after 18 and there was loads of people down below all shouting out, "Eddie, Eddie."
EDDIE PEPPERELL:テつ Got to great support, I'm only an hour away so I'm local.テつ Some members from Frilford Heath out there and Drayton Park, and they have shown up in full support, I really appreciate it.

Q.テつ I take it they are the kind of guys that come to Wentworth year after year and support a tournament like this?
EDDIE PEPPERELL:テつ I think so.テつ It's such a shame there's only one event in this country.テつ On a day like today to have this many fans out I think just says everything you need to know about the English and the way we feel about our golf in this country, it's such a great sport and people love to come and watch you whether it's raining or sunny.
So it's such a shame there are not more events in this country but hopefully that will change over the years, and one thing is for sure, this is great while it's here.

Q.テつ This is an event I'm sure you grew up watching.
EDDIE PEPPERELL:テつ Yeah, definitely, every year, even last year, watching Luke Donald hole the final putt.テつ Yeah, it's just special, it's great to be here.テつ It's a tough golf course and all the crowds about, it's a new feeling for me, but you know, I'm doing all right.テつ I'm hanging in there.

Q.テつ You're doing more than all right lately, we were chatting in Spain and the game is in good shape, wasn't it?
EDDIE PEPPERELL:テつ Yeah, I changed coach about five weeks ago now to a local, Mike Walker, and that's so far proved a good decision, got to be honest, I've hit the ball quite a lot better in tough conditions.テつ Although it's still very new and it's difficult to trust new things in competition.
But the good thing is the only bad shots I hit are when I don't trust it, so I'm not confused in any way.テつ I know how to hit good shots and I know why I'm hitting my poor ones and whenever you do that, I think regardless of where you're playing, you're going to play pretty well.テつ So I'm quite comfortable.

Q.テつ We are only halfway obviously, so we won't talk too much about leaderboards, but does the experience of Spain help?
EDDIE PEPPERELL:テつ Definitely.テつ That was completely new to me.テつ I remember Saturday, I was very nervous just being off in the second to last group with all the people about.テつ It was an amazing experience.
And you know, I gave myself a chance, so if I can just do the same this weekend that would be amazing, but like you say, that's such a long way ahead and I'm not really thinking about anything like that.テつ I'm just focused on trying to hit good golf shots and if I hit a lot of good golf shots over the next 36 holes, you never know, but there's a lot of good players here.

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