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May 24, 2013

Alejandro Canizares


Q.テつ Two round total of 5‑under par, what's been the secret to success?
ALEJANDRO CAテ窶露ZARES:テつ The secret for me is not asking too much out of myself, not putting much pressure because I'm not 100 per cent, but it's working.テつ I'm making a lot of up‑and‑downs and when I'm not hitting the ball any good, I'm making a lot of up‑and‑downs and I'm taking any chances.テつ So very happy to finish the way I finished.

Q.テつ You said you're not 100 per cent; you had viral meningitis, what's that all about?テつ You found out in China, I understand?
ALEJANDRO CAテ窶露ZARES:テつ Yeah in, China‑‑ I started getting sick in Korea with a stomach virus and for some reason it went up to my head in China and spent a night in the hospital over there in Beijing.テつ They told me it was meningitis, but you know, it was pretty scary, but I didn't know there was two types.テつテつ There's viral and bacterial.テつ The bacterial one is the really serious one, so luckily I had the other one.
So it was a week off of fever and it was fine, but still, you know, still not 100 per cent, I get headaches now and then, I get dizzy on the golf course when I stand up too quick like normal but more than normal, and I'm not very strong enough either.

Q. テつIs it something that will clear up in a few weeks?
ALEJANDRO CAテ窶露ZARES:テつ It cleared up in one week.テつ It was a virus that went away but the symptoms can stay because they did the lumbar puncture to test it, so that obviously has something to do with the headaches, as well.テつ That's what they told me.テつ I feel fine.テつ I don't have any fever or anything.テつ So it's just a matter of getting strength back.

Q.テつ How are you?
ALEJANDRO CAテ窶露ZARES:テつ I'm all right.テつ Like I said I'm not 100 per cent, because you know, I get dizzy spells every now and then but not very serious.テつ I get headaches when I start getting tired and my strength is not 100 per cent.テつ I get tired walking up a hill like if I was running a sprint.テつ They told me it's normal and it's going to be a month, at least, to start feeling stronger.
So I'm not worried about it.テつ I've never been very strong.テつ Right now I'm playing all right.テつ I'm very focused on the golf course which is helping me and I'm happy to be standing where I stand.

Q.テつ I'm sure you told the tale a hundred times now but this all came on in China, so what happened?
ALEJANDRO CAテ窶露ZARES:テつ Yeah, well, the week before in Korea, I started getting sick in my stomach on the flight.テつ I had gastroenteritis, very ugly.テつ And apparently that virus that caused the stomach problems made me weak for a week but I was fine on the weekend.
Then when I flew to China on Monday, started getting a headache and then the next day woke up with fever and a lot of headache.テつ I didn't know what it was, and on Wednesday in the morning, I decided to go to the hospital and the physios in China really helped me.テつ They were wonderful to me, and the people at the organisation, the Volvo people and everybody at the tournament really helped.テつ There was a girl that came with me in a courtesy car, she stayed at the hospital for the whole time.
They did all these tests and told me it was meningitis and I got a little scared after doing the lumbar puncture.テつ But I didn't know there was two types, so I got the lucky one.テつ I got viral, which is not very strong and it goes away in a week.
So the fever went away in a couple days, went home, rested and here I am.

Q.テつ We were scared on your behalf, but you managed to fly home; I imagine your put your family's nerves at ease.
ALEJANDRO CAテ窶露ZARES:テつ When you hear the word meningitis, it's a little scary.テつ But they told me it's like a flu that infected the head instead of anything else.テつ But right now I'm fine.テつ I'm just a little weak, but I'll go on with it for the week.

Q.テつ We can see your breath, it's that cold here.テつ Presumably that's not helping?
ALEJANDRO CAテ窶露ZARES:テつ No, it's pretty cold on the golf course.テつ But you know, I'm trying to have a good attitude.テつ I'm missing a lot of shots but I'm making good recover ryes and I'm trying to just look forward and take like everybody says, one shot at a time and everybody's under this, so complaining is not going to help me.テつ So I'll go forward with it.

Q.テつ Given the scores, given these conditions, it's remarkable, isn't it, that you've achieved this?
ALEJANDRO CAテ窶露ZARES:テつ Yeah, I'm really happy.テつ I couldn't ask for more.テつ I'm a little surprised the way I've been‑‑ with this weather, I'm so cold because I'm not used to playing so cold.テつ I don't move very well.テつ But I'm taking it and I'm going with it, like I said, and I'm happy to be standing where I am.

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