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May 24, 2013

Bruce Vaughan


Q.テつ Can you just talk a little bit about your round today?
BRUCE VAUGHAN:テつ It was a struggle.テつ I got a bad left knee and it was hurting last night and it just was hurting all day today.テつ I just limped all day and it was just a struggle.テつ I couldn't really hit it very good.テつ I missed a lot of shots left and stuff.テつ And it was just survival today.テつ That's all it was.
I kept myself in pretty good shape.テつ I hit some decent shots, but I just hit a lot of iron shots towards the safe side, just 2‑putt and get out of there and stuff.テつ But it was a survival, really, most of the day.

Q.テつ How was the course playing today in comparison to yesterday?
BRUCE VAUGHAN:テつ It was a hundred percent better than yesterday.テつ We teed off yesterday and it was raining and wind right into our fairways and stuff.テつ I hit driver, 4‑iron yesterday to No. 1.テつ Today we come around there and I hit driver and a little 8‑iron.テつ So it was a little bit different.テつ It was a little nicer today with that sun shining than yesterday.テつ We played, we must have played seven or eight holes yesterday in the rain.テつ Catch it ‑‑ and then it would go off and then come back and stuff like that.
So, yeah the course is playing, it's starting to dry out a little bit, wasn't any mud on the balls and stuff.テつ So it's playing a lot better.テつ I just it's bad that I couldn't take advantage of it today, because of the way I was hurting and stuff, because I had about a birdie, I had a lot of birdie opportunities today.

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