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May 24, 2013

Mike Conley, Jr.


Q.  What's it like to sleep in your own bed.
MIKE CONLEY:  It feels great.  All the Playoffs we've been on the road it feels like, and we finally get a few days at home and get refocused for a big game.

Q.  Is there something specific you do?
MIKE CONLEY:  There's a few restaurants that we go out as a team.  We go out to the sticks out in Colleyville almost every week, so we'll be out there tonight probably.

Q.  And is it just a bonding thing?  What is it about it?
MIKE CONLEY:  Yeah, it's bonding and it's kind of a good luck thing.  We've just always done it throughout the years, and it's been fun.

Q.  Is it a must‑win tonight?  Is this one of these that you have to get?
MIKE CONLEY:  Well, it is a must‑win in our eyes.  Obviously you want to take care of home court, but in order to do that we have to get the first game, and we definitely need it.  We definitely need it bad, and we expect everybody on our team to come and give 110 percent.

Q.  Z‑Bo mentioned the guards have to be in attack mode from the beginning because they're making it so hard on your bigs inside.  Are you taking that as kind of a challenge and Q, and Jerryd and everybody else, make them have to guard the perimeter, as well?
MIKE CONLEY:  Yeah, I think I've been taking it that way all Playoffs long, but I think everybody else has to have that same mindset, Tayshaun, Tony, J.B., all those guys have to be willing to take shots when they're open and knock them down so we can create some space for our big guys.

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