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May 23, 2013

Gil Morgan


Q.テつ Talk about your round, 2‑under.
GIL MORGAN:テつ Well, I started pretty good.テつ Made a couple birdies early and made played the front nine pretty well.
The back nine I made a couple bogeys and some mistakes there, but maybe salvaged it with a birdie on the last hole.

Q.テつ How was the course playing today overall?
GIL MORGAN:テつ Pretty well overall.テつ I would say it was a little wet, obviously, with the rain and everything, a little distracting.テつ But all in all I think that they did a good deal with moving a couple of the tees up and stuff.

Q.テつ How did the rain affect the greens and the putting speed there?
GIL MORGAN:テつ Might have slowed them a little bit, but didn't seem to affect them too much really.テつ The greens were holding fairly decent.テつ They're a little skip here and then usually a stop.テつ Defending upon what club you got in.テつ When you're hitting with hybrid in there, it doesn't stop very well.

Q.テつ What about tomorrow?テつ You got an early time?
GIL MORGAN:テつ Yeah, nine o'clock.テつ We play at nine.テつ I'm sorry planning on just going out there and giving it a go again tomorrow and see how it falls out.テつ Hopefully it will, I can continue on the path that I am at this point in time and see how it falls.

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